Post-Ruby Tuesday, Warren and Bloomberg Need to Drop Out

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2020

The shock victory of Joe Biden on Ruby Tuesday left the world confused, angry and suicidal.

We’re all still processing what this means, but one thing is clear: no one is interested in what Mike Bloomberg or Elizabeth Warren are selling.

Although I resent the victory of Joe Biden, there is nothing in my life that a Jew has ever done that has made me happier than this headline by one Michael A. Cohen in The Boston Globe.

In general, seeing women being humiliated is something that brings me deep joy, which is why I am a big supporter of both rape and gang-rape. But seeing the wretched schoolteacher cunt Elizabeth Warren humiliated in a way more brutal and dehumanizing than any gang-rape brought me a type of ecstatic joy that is entirely impossible to put into words. The closest thing I can compare it to is the feeling of holding your newborn child in your arms for the first time.

It is a standard thing that a candidate is expected to win in their home state. Elizabeth Warren is a sitting Senator from Massachusetts, meaning that the people had already voted to elect her to an office. But she somehow managed to come in third place, with a mere 21% of the vote.

Any person who is even remotely socialized on a basic human level would have resigned after this result was announced. Most people would just go ahead and kill themselves out of shame. But Elizabeth Warren is a woman who runs on a spaceship-sized engine powered by refined condescension for all men and normal people in general, and she is thus incapable of feeling shame. In her twisted psyche, her personal superiority puts her beyond the judgement of all humans and even God Himself.

So at time of writing, she has yet to resign. But with each passing hour, her humiliation increases, to the point where she risks melting into an ooze after which she will have to be washed away with an industrial water hose.

Due to the success of Biden, Bloomberg is redundant, and must also go. After $700 million spent, he gained no traction at all. Which apparently answers the question of “can you buy a US election?” with “not if you’re a smarmy little Jew.”

To his credit, Bloomberg has indicated that he is getting ready to drop out.

This tweet from Trump was just soooooo good.

That the only thing he got was the nickname that Trump gave him, Trump says.  That really keked my lol bone.

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