Post Debate Dem Poll: Big Shakeup! Gz Down, Hoes Up!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2019

This new Democrat poll, done by CNN/SSRS between June 28-30 – after the first two-part debate – is interesting as fuck.

(Full poll data here.)

OG Joe Biden is down, while the dirty old hoe Kamala Harris is coming up bigly.

Everyone not on there is at 1% or less.

So they’re saying Tulsi Gabbard got no increase in the polls, even after she was the single most Googled person during the debate. I don’t really believe that. But whatever.

Kamala basically taking 10% support from Biden is fascinating.

That is all due to one incident during the debate where this hoe called G-Biden an old racist.

Bernie being down 4 points isn’t really a very good thing. I don’t quite understand how that happened. I could see his support going to Tulsi, who performed much better than him and isn’t 90 years old, but according to this poll, it went to… Elizabeth Warren.

I dunno, maybe this is fake news and this data isn’t at all relevant – just designed to trick people into thinking other people like Kamala, even though she is a fake nigger and a cop.

I think the establishment is going to do a fake drama here, where there is racial tension between Kamala and Joe – as well as perhaps some underlying sexual tension – and eventually they make-up and she is his vice president, with the understanding that she’ll be president in 2024 because he’s so old.

But actually at this point, I’m ready to believe that Trump is just going to win whatever the case, because the Democrats are going absolutely insane with open borders communism and abortions for trannies.

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