Post-Apocalyptic Manhattan Video Drive Tour: Stores All Boarded Up – Ghost Town Streets

They’re not telling you on the media the kind of hell that is now unfolding in our major American cities.

A video posted to Twitter shows what a drive through Manhattan is looking like these days.

It looks like a burned-out post-Soviet demilitarized zone. This is the effect of mixing a fake pandemic with a movement by the state to allow people to riot and loot. You really have a situation where they simply have collapsed civilization itself – or rather, deconstructed it piece by piece.

We are creating a hell on earth. We can remember that we felt such tension in the previous years, going all the way back to the Obama years. Certainly, as a predictor of all of this racial insanity, the Daily Stormer has been preaching doom for a long time. Well, now all of that doom is really here, in full force.

We are living in a dystopian nightmare world, and it’s not going away any time soon.

The video follows a car driving down 5th Avenue, where virtually all of the street’s high-end stores are boarded up. There are almost no human beings on the street, and you could almost imagine seeing bears or deer moving in.

“Look at everything. Everything’s boarded up. Even the hotel. Boarded up,” the narrator says, exasperated.

“This is all Manhattan, boarded up. Have you ever seen Manhattan look like this? The media will not report this.”

He’s right.

Who even knows this? Do even the people who live in the suburbs of New York know that it looks this bad? Probably not. They’ve likely heard rumors, but I imagine that people who live just a couple miles from this spot would be as shocked to see this video as we are. Because the media is simply refusing to explain to people that this is happening.

“Everything boarded up. They don’t want to show this to you people because they’re afraid. Saks 5th Avenue – boarded up from end to end. They put up barbed wire. Everywhere you see boards, windows are gone. Look at New York City – what happened,” the narrator says.

The situation is exactly the same in Chicago and Los Angeles. I just heard Joe Rogan saying over the weekend in his interview with Tim Dillon that he drove down Melrose and saw new homeless camps with needles everywhere across the street from five million dollar houses, after all of the burned out, boarded up buildings.

Joe laughed and said that Joey Diaz has told him to film the scene and post it on the internet before he flees the city. He said that Joey told him that the people don’t know what is happening. Of course, we don’t. I can’t find a video of downtown Los Angeles in August 2020 on the internet. I was shocked to find this Manhattan video. I don’t know if the social media companies have a ban on showing these scenes, but I suspect that they do, and it would take an account like Joe Rogan’s to really show people.

The media won’t show us. Fox News won’t show us. Fox News wants to spend all of their time talking about every single detail about Kamala Harris, despite the fact that no one who watches them is thinking about voting for Kamala, so presumably does not really need any more of these details. If they were to film these scenes and show them, they would make a huge impression on people, the clips would go viral online, and other networks would be forced to report on the scenes. But they’re not doing that and apparently won’t be doing that.

This is what you are witnessing right now, right in front of your eyes: the government and the media are pulling apart our civilization, piece by piece, and planning to build a new one in its place. The old civilization is pretty much already gone. Given what they’ve done to the economy with the coronavirus hoax, there is not really any reality in which the old world comes back, regardless of what goes on in the stock market.

We might have a chance to prevent it from turning into an absolute hell on earth, but it’s a slim chance. The best we can really hope for is to stop the blacks from coming to kill us, to prevent actual starvation in America.

You need to realize what is happening, and you need to – if at all possible – get out of these big cities.

A smaller Republican city is better than a big Democrat city. The best option is a small town, or a rural plot that is close to a small town. That’s where you will be best prepared for what is about to come down on us.