Poseidon Claims 700 Invaders

Greve Hans
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2016


Poseidon after doing his job

During the past three days, roughly 700 invaders have sunk to the bottom of the ocean as Poseidon has had enough of the jive-mongering the current oligarchs are doing in Europe.

The invasion that happened during the last autumn is still fresh in memory of all sane Europeans, and as the waters get warmer and the sun starts to shine, the hordes of Moslems start preparing for their Jihad against Europe. Supported by the international element of course, of which George Soros is the prime example.

The Daily Stormer tried to contact the Greek god for an interview, but was unable to procure the necessary goats as sacrifice.


Rich kike George ”Shekelman” Soros

New York Times:

Survivor accounts have pushed to more than 700 the number of migrants feared dead in Mediterranean Sea shipwrecks over three days in the past week, even as European ships saved thousands of others in daring rescue operations.

The shipwrecks appear to account for the largest loss of life reported in the Mediterranean since April 2015, when a single ship sank with an estimated 800 people trapped inside. Humanitarian organizations say that many migrant boats sink without a trace, with the dead never found, and their fates only recounted by family members who report their failure to arrive in Europe.

Italy’s southern islands are the main destinations for countless numbers of smuggling boats launched from the shores of lawless Libya each week packed with people seeking jobs and safety in Europe. Hundreds of migrants drown each year attempting the dangerous Mediterranean Sea crossing.

A few things here.

If Europeans are going to try to ”rescue” these people, then the smugglers will count on this. This will lead to even more death and more ”forced” involvement from European countries. But #VirtueSignaling is more important than basic logic.

Second. Why should Europeans even try to help these people? They want to cut our throats and steal the wealth we have built over generations (and now are sadly wasting away rather than putting to good use for future generations due to Semitic influence.)

Lastly, these smugglers are essentially kikes. They charge tons of shekels for these scum to reach Europe, where they are often promised basically heaven on earth. Castles, free money, free women. All that stuff. And if they don’t get it, they can always smear feces across the walls of the asylum home.

tyrone the nigger

Obongo after his protest against Swedish oppression

I don’t really think I need to elaborate on the chaos they create once they are here. It is known by every sane person at this point. Many Swedes have had very bad experiences with these immigrants, and I can personally attest to many being much more ”racist” than they actually claim. Sadly, many are too cowardly to admit it. Instead of saying ”These people need to go, Sweden belongs to white Swedes,” these people tend to say things like ”I am not racist, but I don’t like what is currently happening.” The former is high energy and will enable you to decimate your political opponents and hammer their silly notions of multicultural peace and tolerance away, while the latter will only make you seem like a low energy ”hidden racist.”

In a way, we should be happy about this. The more invaders that storms Europe, the faster the ZOG system will fall due to their own insanity. The faster ZOG falls, the faster we can reestablish a government representing our race and our people.

Once we have endured this, nothing will be able to stop us again.

The Jew fears the Stormtroop.

Tomorrow belongs to me