Portugal: Men Go to Recreational Hunting Park, Commit Serious Massacre of Deer and Pigs

Here you have a standard 2020 style event.


Portuguese officials have expressed outrage at the massacre of more than 500 deer and wild boar in a hunting zone in the centre of the country.

Environment Minister João Fernandes said the killing by 16 Spanish hunters was “vile” and an “environmental crime” that should be prosecuted.

Pictures of the slaughter were shared on social media.

Hunting individual animals is allowed but in this incident most of the zone’s deer population are said to have died.

The killing is thought to have taken place on a farm in the Torrebela tourist hunting zone, near Azambuja, about 40km (24 miles) from the Portuguese capital Lisbon on 17 and 18 December.

The 1,100ha (2,700-acre) farm is described as being walled in, meaning that the 540 animals had no means of escape from their killers.

That’s about 4 square miles.

Just so you understand: hunting isn’t really that big of a thing in Europe, like it is in America. This is a hunting zone, for recreational hunting. It is total easy mode, because these deer and pigs are just locked in this small area. Presumably, most people rent their rifles from an on site facility. What you’re supposed to do is go in, shoot one animal, and take your selfies. Then, I assume there’s an attached facility where you can drop your kill off and have it hanged and cut. I assume they will probably even do the field dressing for you. You can come back later and pick up the chopped meat, and cook it at home, feeling like a serious wild man who remains untamed by domestic society.

It’s just a fun thing for people who aren’t really hunters to do over a weekend.

Apparently, these men went in and acted like this was a game to see who can get the high score, and just killed everything. They actually took pictures of themselves with the massacred animals as if they didn’t have any idea what this implies, and thought they were just big time winners.

I’ve spent a lot of time with hunters, and though the left tends to despise them, I’ve found that hunters care more about the environment than any absurd urban leftist. Although they tend to be right-wing otherwise, hunters are regularly involved in nature preservation movements. They have a high respect for animals and nature.

Slaughtering a bunch of animals in an enclosed space is not “hunting,” it is just a cruel massacre.

One must ask: why would anyone do something like this? The answer, likely, is that these men have become unhinged due to the lockdowns and the general collapse of society, and they are now doing weird, wacky, sadistic acts.

We’ve seen a lot of this “man comes unglued and goes nuts” stuff happening lately. But an organized act of specific cruelty is new. You’re probably going to start seeing more such behavior, where unhinged men get together in a group to carry out specific, cruel and strange acts. You could end up with teams of lunatics attacking humans for reasons of cruelty and sadism.

What is clear is that the media does not care about the link between the lockdowns and this steadily rising extreme and violent mental illness.