Portugal: Hypervaxed Country Declares State of Calamity Because of Covid

Safe and effective.

Free West Media:

Chinese news outlet Xinhua reported that according to Costa, “the first measure to be taken is the reinforcement of the vaccination campaign with the booster dose”.

“The government has acquired in time the requisite amount of vaccine doses to be administered to each Portuguese” and authorities were “prepared to vaccinate eligible children,” he said.

The wearing of face masks will once again be mandatory in all closed spaces, the Council of Ministers said and a digital vaccination certificate will also be mandatory for access to restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs, sporting events and gyms.

Those wishing to enter retirement homes and health establishments, or attend major cultural or sporting events will be required to present a negative test regardless of whether they were fully vaccinated.

Portugal has also “strongly increased sanctions” for airlines with fines of 20 000 euros per passenger in case of non-compliance of a negative Covid-19 test.

Portugal has the highest vaccination rate in the world, but has had to return to a “state of calamity” with mask mandates, vaccine passports, and mandatory testing to enter certain establishments.

Early praises

As recently as in October, Portugal declared that it stood “as an example not only to the world but also to itself” because “the vaccination campaign proved to be a success in ‘beating this virus’ after the Covid task force chief Vice Admiral Henrique Gouveia e Melo stepped in. Socialists lauded the high jab rate as the “Portuguese success story” and “historical”.

Gouveia e Melo was appointed as Coordinator of the Covid-19 Vaccination Plan Task Force, the unit set up by the Portuguese government to assure the strategic planning and logistics for the national mass immunization campaign. Gouveia e Melo was appointed to head the task force on 3 February 2021, following the resignation of the first coordinator, former Secretary of State for Health Francisco Ramos, over a “queue jumping” scandal, in which people not belonging to priority groups allegedly were receiving their vaccines before their turn.

Video from September

Admiral Gouveia e Melo began to wear only his green combat uniform in public as well and used not only “the language of war” but military language in public outreach attempts. By October 2021, 98 percent of the eligible population and 86 percent of the total population were vaccinated.

They are still saying “safe and effective.”

That’s what they think of you.