Portugal: 67-Year-Old Homeless Woman Raped by African “Refugee”

Diversity Macht Frei
December 5, 2016


The man who attacked and raped a homeless woman in Albufeira has refugee status and comes from Éritrea…He is a part of a group of refugees who arrived in Portugal at the end of October. Ibrahim Salem entered Portugal on 28 October and was welcomed by the Antonio Silva Leal Foundation, in Albufeira, along with other refugees who were blocked in Italy.

At dawn, on Thursday, he approached the victim, 67, who was struggling against the cold at the entrance to a bank branch in the centre of Albufeira. “Through the use of physical force, he partially unclothed her and, due to the resistance of the victim, he struck her, causing fractures to her face, jaws and nose.”


Think about how surreal this is. A 67-year-old indigenous Portuguese woman (as far as we know) is left to freeze through the night without help or shelter but young, healthy African men are simply waved into the country and give free food, lodging and medical care. And then rape the helpless indigenous women.

We are living through an age of lunacy such as the world has never seen.

UPDATE: Thanks to the Portuguese blog Historia Maximus, here is a video news clip about it. You can see a huge amount of blood on the ground where the attack took place. She’s lucky to be alive.