Portland: Truck of Peace Hunts Down and DESTROYS Roving Youths

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2019

Yet another hero joins the pantheon of saints with 4-wheel drive.

But if you watch the video all the way through, you will be disappointed. And no, it’s not on account of the Mexican wearing an American flag baseball cap and by doing so, desecrating it.

No, your disappointment will arise from the realization that the standards of Toyota have clearly fallen. 

Since about 2014, Toyota has been trying to corner the market with its controversial, but highly successful “Truck of Peace” ad campaign.

The company’s motto became: “Toyota! Run Your Enemies Over With Toyota!”

But this video shows that Toyota’s cars are clearly not as deadly as they would have you believe.

The man hit that Antifa at what looked like at least 40 mph in a giant Tacoma and then performed a perfect powerslide into the second one, Super Mario Kart style.

And the third guy got so spooked that he slammed his chin into the park bench.

But all three of them got back up and were able to run away!

That driver should ask for his money back, or at least sue.

When people buy Toyotas, they do so with the assumption that it is a car built with one function in mind: committing acts of peace against their enemies. If even direct hits from a Toyota are unable to send enemies to Hell, then I think it’s time to switch to Honda or something because this is, frankly, unacceptable.

The Tacoma of Peace decided to do what the police in Portland refuses to do – shut down these sons of bitches once and for all – but he was let down by the false advertising of the Toyota company and unable to fully perform his civic duty.


On a more serious note, it’s obvious that there’s more to this story than we’re being told. A video from another angle clearly shows the youths looking over the shoulder and then knowing to run before the Toyota had even accelerated fully or hit the curb. They had obviously interacted with the Toyota driver right before they walked into the camera’s lens.

There’s also a third angle of the attack that was more professionally shot.

The first and best guess is that this was clearly a drug deal that went wrong and the suburban youths a trio of dealers and the man in the car a jewed over customer.

But I operate under the assumption that everyone living in Portland is an Antifa unless proven otherwise. Until new information comes forward to contradict this assumption, I’m going to assume that these people were Antifa and had it coming.