Portland: Surreal Antifa Attack on Low IQ Working Class Woman with a Nazi Armband On (Hard to Watch)

A few days ago, we saw the bizarre and difficult to watch video out of Portland, Oregon, featuring a low IQ peasant woman with a Nazi armband being attacked by an Antifa mob. They went up to her door and physically attacked her for being a “racist,” despite the fact that she was obviously just a confused old woman in a very difficult economic situation (living in a shack).

This extremely difficult to watch video pretty much summed up the entire situation with Antifa: these are very well-off rich kids attacking impoverished working class whites who are confused by the massive changes in their society.

Obviously, I don’t agree with wearing Nazi armbands, but this woman has a low IQ. She is a primitive peasant with no one to support her. She thinks the Nazi armband means “I’m against people coming and burning down my neighborhood and telling me I’m born evil when all I’m trying to do is get by in a rapidly changing society.”

Maybe it does mean that?

Whatever the case, the violent mob followed up on their threats issued in the above video, and came back to vandalize her home.

These upper-middle class Antifa communist weirdos apparently genuinely believe that this poor woman in her shack is what is wrong with American society, and they are openly siding with billionaire Jews who control all of the banks, the government, and virtually all industry against this woman in her shack.

It is actually difficult to think about the dynamics of this situation, so bizarre are they.

Surely, someone should be defending the forgotten working people of this country, when a mob of rich young people who serve the international banking cartel come to her house to attack her? Surely, the fact that she is wearing a politically incorrect symbol on her arm doesn’t mean that her shack should be destroyed by a violent mob of grad students?

But there is no one to defend her. The Republican Party, which is ostensibly elected to defend the white working people of this country, will throw her down into the gutter because she did something politically incorrect, and will stand with the terrorist mob of grad students physically attacking an old woman and destroying her modest shack.

I think it’s a really bad idea to wear a Nazi armband. But the fact that a poor woman with a low IQ did that does not mean that she deserves to be violently assaulted and have her shack destroyed by a mob of grad students.

This is wrong and it is evil and there should be someone to stand up for the simple, working people of this country against this vicious army of the international banking elite.

Understand: if Joe Biden wins, this woman is going to be your mother and your grandma. They are going to come for the weakest members of society. They will not have to have committed the ultimate unforgivable offense of wearing a swastika. They will be attacked by this invincible terrorist mob simply for the color of their skin and their economic status as working or middle class.

It is only the richest of whites who will be able to keep these people out of their neighborhoods.

You have now seen that they will physically attack old women. You have seen video of this. You have been warned.

Everyone says “I think there will be a warning before the New World Order is unleashed on the population.”

Well, this is it: this is the warning.

You have now seen a poor, helpless old woman attacked in her shack. Essentially, she was attacked because she was white. Yes, she did the armband thing. Okay. But that is a trivial detail. This mob of unhinged, lunatic grad students already believes that every white person who isn’t a wealthy businessman is a secret Nazi. They are going to treat the members of your family exactly as they treated this woman.

You have now seen it. You know what is coming.

They are going to kill your mother and your grandmother.

We need to figure out a way to get Donald Trump reelected and if that fails we all need to figure out a way to protect our families – particularly the most vulnerable (the women and the elderly, who will be targeted first) from this mob.

Get in the game, people.

This is not a drill.

It’s happening.