Portland Scum Set Police Union Office Building on Fire After Trump Sends in Feds

Shock of shocks, Portland is in a high state of chaos, again. This city has remained in a state of chaos for years, but the lunacy is flaring up more and more often now. Donald Trump has finally sent in the feds to put fires out, and the rioters have responded to the presence of the feds by burning the police union office.


“People have broken into the Portland Police Association office and lit the building on fire,” the Portland Police Bureau tweeted overnight. Authorities subsequently declared the protest a riot.

Some demonstrators threw rocks and paint-filled balloons, injuring some officers, the police department said.

While that unrest was happening on the north side of Portland, “another large crowd was downtown near the Justice Center and Federal Courthouse,” police said. Some removed the fencing around the courthouse Saturday night, police said.

One man, who only identified himself as Pat, said he lives three houses away from the PPA building.

“Some reform needs to happen, but a protest in a neighborhood is not the place to do it. Lighting fires in a neighborhood where kids and people live is not the way to do it,” he said. “You’re losing the message by using violence and fear.”

I’ve had about enough of this hippie scum.

Democrats, on the other hand, would like some more.

They are very offended that the Feds have finally come to stop this chaos, and are discussing how bad the Orange Man is for directing them to do this.

On Sunday, black Democrat New York Congressman Gregory Meeks appeared on MSNBC to declare his absolute outrage that anyone would ever try to stop a riot.

After all, Hitler stopped riots. Stopping riots is also like North Korea.

Asked by host Alex Witt if he thought using the feds to stop an endless riot in Portland was an abuse of power by the Orange Man, Meeks said:

My reaction is this the United States of America? This is the same kind of thing that I guess this president wants to go along with his good friends as he says, Vladimir Putin and Russia, something that you would think would take place there, or Kim Jong-un in North Korea something that would take place there. This is how they govern and operate, and I hoped we moved far past that. I heard the mayor of Portland talk long ago how they have put things under control and what happened by doing this, it is escalating, it is throwing fire on the fuel. So we look at some of the pictures and what is going on, we would be very critical when we saw these tapes as we have in the past take place in Russia and North Korea and now this president wants to be just like his two friends, I guess.

On Friday, Oregon Governor Mommy Cunt declared the federal crackdown to be “an invasion.”

Now she’s blaming the attack on the police union on Trump.

Bizarrely and hilariously, she said that Trump’s race soldiers are “adding gasoline to a fire.”

She told NPR:

There’s absolutely no question that by having the presence of federal officers here, it’s simply like adding gasoline to a fire. I was very, very clear when I spoke with the head of Homeland Security earlier this week that the situation had been improving over the past several weeks and that their presence here substantially escalated the situation. We know what’s needed is de-escalation and dialogue. That’s how we solve problems here in the state of Oregon.

And honestly, this is about scoring political points. It’s about political theater. It’s clearly not about problem-solving, and it’s obviously not about public safety. Last weekend, a young man was almost killed. This has been extremely challenging, and it’s time for the Trump administration to pull their troops and go on home.

I don’t think she meant to use that particular analogy, given that we are presently dealing with so many literal fires in Portland.

I don’t really think what she’s saying is even totally wrong though, if I’m forced to be honest. The reality that we’ve been dealing with this entire time is that Attorney General William Barr is outright refusing to press charges against anyone. Trump made a big show of finally convincing the DoJ to press charges – it was four people who attacked a statue of Andrew Jackson in Washington, right outside the President’s House in Lafayette Park.

Trump announced it at his Mount Rushmore speech, and I think that was the entire thing – he’d gone and begged the DoJ to arrest someone so he could say in his speech that he arrested someone.

That was more than two weeks ago – no one else has been charged since then, despite the fact that these riots are ongoing, everywhere.

The feds are arresting people in Oregon, but they’re not charging them with anything, so what is the point?

This entire endless riot situation is a result of the fact that there is no consequences for the behavior. It has become just a hobby for people – you can go out and destroy things, burn buildings, attack cops, and never face any punishment. If they arrest you, they’ll let you go. If they charge you, they’ll drop the charges.

If you type “charges dropped” into Google News, you just get a huge long list of stories.

The latest is from 2 days ago, when Kentucky dropped charges against a bunch of rioters.

You know what they were doing?

They were in the front yard of the Attorney General’s home, chanting “burn it down.” They were charged with intimidating a government official. As we can see by the dropped charges, the intimidation seems to have worked.

This is all just abject madness.

The Justice Department could go in and pick up these charges, as I can guarantee you, without bothering to try to find the citation, that there is federal law that would allow for charges for intimidating a state’s Attorney General by moving a mob onto his front yard to threaten to burn his house down.

If Barr continues this policy of not charging anyone, sending in the feds to fight against the rioters in Portland is exactly what Governor Mommy Cunt says it is: it’s political theater.

I’ve said since this thing began that Trump needs to fire Barr and bring in someone who will start pressing the charges. That is the core of this. If there are consequences for doing what these communists are doing, they will stop doing it. As long as there are no consequences, they will continue doing it – and yes, without consequences, sending in the feds to fight with the rioters does just make it worse.

Maybe fed cops fighting Antifa on the streets looks like “law and order” to normies. I have no idea. They probably aren’t aware of this situation where Barr is refusing to charge anyone. But what would really look like law and order would be to stop this insanity, and you’re not going to do that without throwing some people in prison.

The elephant in the room here is that Antifa is controlled by the FBI in the first place, used to silence the freedom of speech of right-wingers and push various other agendas, so there is no chance they’re ever really going to do much about them.