Portland: Respectful Asiatic Gentleman Mr. Andy Ngo Assaulted by Antifa

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 30, 2019

According to antifa, a Jewish police group run by the FBI, Asians are actually white supremacists.


Journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by Antifa protestors in Portland Saturday afternoon, according to video taken of part of the assault and Ngo himself.

The video showed Ngo, editor of Quilette, being punched and kicked by masked assailants dressed in black and then being hit by various containers of liquid as he is retreating.

He later live-streamed a video of himself describing the assault. His face is scratched and he has blood on his neck. A police officer is heard interviewing him on the livestream.

“I just got beat up by the crowd, with no police at all, in the middle of the street,” Ngo said during the livestream.

“Where the hell were all of you,” he is heard asking the police officer. He is also heard saying he was assaulted twice earlier in the day, and reported both incidents to the police with no response.

He said he was hit by milkshakes and hit on the back of his head as well.


So much for milkshaking not being “real violence.” I wondered how long it would take for that canard to collapse.

These little faggots just hit you in the face with a milkshake so they can attack you from behind while you’ve got shaky milk in your eyes.

Or quick-drying cement – which is what the police said was in the milkshakes.

Andy apparently knew they were going to attack him, just because he writes about them online. And I’m sure he was easy to spot, surely being the only Asian guy there.

You’d think the rank and file of these groups, who are rich white kids who grew up in an almost all white city and are attacking an Asian guy to stop racism, would wonder if maybe they’re actually just pawns of the Jew media and the cops.

But I guess they’re all drug addicts and trannies and so on. Not the most critical-thinking individuals.

Twitter is passing around pictures of the supposed assaulters.

But the cops aren’t going to do anything.

Because the mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, literally supports antifa, and refuses to arrest them.


Wheeler previously defended his hands-off approach to dealing with Antifa in October, after members of the left-wing movement blocked streets and harassed drivers.

“This is the story of Goldilocks and the two bears. The porridge is either too hot or it’s too cold,” he told reporters, according to a Washington Times article. “At any given moment in this city, the police are criticized for being heavy-handed and intervening too quickly, or they’re being criticized for being standoffish and not intervening quickly enough.”

Wheeler also criticized a Fox News story that was headlined, “Mob rule? Leftist protesters take over Portland street.”

“I’m willing to take criticism all day long from Fox News,” he said, according to the article. “But I’m not willing to accept criticism from Fox News of the men and women of the Portland Police Bureau.”

He’s not even Jewish.

I guess he probably is a homosexual.

He’s repeatedly come out and shown support for antifa.

On Saturday, he just didn’t say anything.

US Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell called him out on Twitter.

He still hasn’t said anything.

We’re talking about Portland, so I’m just going to remind everyone of my favorite Portland clip, which I like to call “Little Whitey.”

In it, a white antifa man in his 40s comes up to a man who is trying to get through the Wheeler-legalized antifa traffic blockade and says “get out of here you little white fucker. You’re a little whitey, aren’t ya?”

I think that guy might have just gone out with antifa because he wanted to use their police protection to say hilarious shit to random people on the street. Really good stuff.

Portland is a never-ending adventure.