Portland: Random Guy Killed for Supporting Trump After Convoy Event

Following the recent event in Kenosha where the tough lead of retribution was unleashed on some Antifa child molesters and satanists, this group did not take long in carrying out a revenge attack.

This is what is going on in America: we have a violent civil war playing out on our streets, and it is sanctioned by the government, which openly refuses to lift a finger to stop the people who started it.

We’re still figuring out the details of what went on in Portland on Saturday night, but there’s a body and some videos.

The Oregonian:

One man was shot and killed in downtown Portland as dueling demonstrations — one a pro-Trump car caravan and another a counter-protest mounted by various opposing groups — unfolded late Saturday.

Portland police said the man was shot around 8:45 p.m. near Southwest Third Avenue and Alder Street. The agency did not say whether the incident was related to the demonstrations.

The man lay in the street as medics tended to the gunshot wounds. The body remained there after medics left. Next to the body was camouflage gear with infidel and thin blue line patches, which commonly indicate support for law enforcement. Police taped off the area.

A photo from the scene published by Getty Images showed the man wearing a hat with a Patriot Prayer logo. The far-right group has been at the center of multiple Portland demonstrations that often culminate in violent clashes.

Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson said he had also seen the photo of the man killed. He did not say whether he knew the person.

“I have to figure out what the hell is going on,” Gibson said Saturday night, before hanging up.

Various scuffles between pro-Trump demonstrators and counter-protesters had broken out in the hours since a vehicle rally in support of President Donald Trump, which began in near Clackamas Town Center, reached Portland. Organizers of the event encouraged demonstrators to come armed, but not carry their firearms openly.

The fatal shooting occurred after most of the Trump caravan had left downtown.

Here’s a picture of the body.

Those two cops are making sure he’s dead.

Too soon?

Well, I’ve got six million people emailing me saying, “Anglin, you gay little short faggot, the site isn’t funny anymore.” Sometimes, I’m having a hard time finding humor in events. But that picture of those cops standing over this poor bastard’s corpse and looking at him really tickled my pickle.

The media isn’t saying it, but it appears that they killed the guy randomly because they identified him as a Trump supporter.

The event was a truck convoy which drove into Portland, apparently to harass the residents with Trump signs. In a different time, this might have been a “sick burn” or even an “epic troll.” Right now, it just seems a bit absurd.

The shooting victim was apparently a part of the convoy, but was separated from it somehow, and alone on the street at night.

In one of the shooting videos, you can hear the Antifa saying, “Hey! Hey, we got one right here! We got a Trumper right here!” before the shots ring out.

Seems pretty cut and dry. It was a random murder of a Trump supporter, coming on the heels of the Kyle incident in Kenosha.

I think you’re going to see a lot more of this.

The shooter appears to have been identified by the internet as this guy:

The shooter appears to be this guy featured in a Bloomberg video from July, 27:

He is identified as “Michael,” who is “a professional snowboarder.”

The tattoo is very unique, the BLM fist on a white guy.

No arrests yet, of course.

Earlier in the night, he was seen harassing the convoy and reaching his hand toward his gun.

This implies that he went there for the purpose of killing someone, and was just looking for the opportunity.

Of course, he hasn’t been arrested yet. We’ll see if the government bothers to do so.

The standard “fat black bitch” that shows up at these rallies with a megaphone gave a speech saying that she didn’t care he was dead.

The night’s events culminated in a series of Sunday morning tweets and retweets by Donald Trump, including several retweets and a quote tweet of Ian Miles Chong.

Here’s a selection of some of the tweets and retweets:

This all appears to be building up to some kind of large-scale bloody street violence, which I do not expect will turn out well for right-wingers. I’m sure they’ll win any shootouts, but the fallout will be very bad.

We know that the government supports the left, because they are attempting to transform the country into something completely different than it was before the coronavirus hoax, and a major element of that is this idiotic fake revolution movement. Right now, their main goal is to remove any potential ability for the right to organize any resistance at all. What they would like to do is go in and forcibly break apart any existing right-wing groups, using the FBI.

As I explained in a long thing I wrote on Saturday: what will facilitate that is a seriously violent event or series of events where right-wingers shoot left-wingers in the street. They will begin a total media blitz talking about how normal Republicans are “white supremacist terrorists.” Basically, they want an excuse to treat Republican gun owners like they treated Moslems after 911.

They’re creating a problem so they can react to it with their solution.