Portland: Protesters Invade Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Apartment

Media-backed leftist lunatics are like that plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

They just want more and more blood.

For those who haven’t been following this, the mayor of Portland is a far-left extremist who has continually endorsed riots, and attacked Donald Trump. However, he was the first major public figure to get woke on the fact that by election time, people are going to be sick of Democrats burning down cities. After he himself was targeted by the mob when he tried to give them a speech, he said that Democrats firebombing federal buildings with people inside was going to cause people to vote Republican.

But he’s playing both sides. He recently came out and attacked the President, saying he would never allow him to stop riots in his city.

The anarchists, however, are only playing one side.


A group of protesters sat inside the lobby of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s apartment complex in the Pearl District Friday night, while others demonstrated outside.

Independent journalists on scene estimated there were about 10 people inside the lobby of the building. One of those journalists, Garrison Davis, said some of the protesters had the following demands for Mayor Wheeler:

-Reduce the Portland Police Bureau budget.
-Commit to never voting for police budget increases again.

KGW reached out to Mayor Wheeler’s office but has not heard back.

The group that was in the lobby eventually left after a few hours. The mayor never met with them.

A larger group, estimated of about 150 by The Oregonian/OregonLive, were outside and listened to speakers and music.

Probably, Democrats aren’t going to benefit from this new trend of rioters showing up at people’s houses.

Maybe they kind of overshot the mark?