Portland Mulatto Race Attacker Given 20 Month Joke Sentence

A violent Portland race-attacker has been sentenced for kicking a white man in the head and slamming his head against the asphalt while he was being detained by the BLM race police.

He was given a joke sentence.

Fox News:

The Portland demonstrator captured on video beating another man during a protest was sentenced to 20 months in prison, authorities said Monday.

Marquise Love, 26, pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and felony riot, the Multnomah County District Attorney said.

Love, who also goes by “Keese Love,” was seen repeatedly punching and kicking Adam Haner during an Aug. 16 protest in the downtown area before knocking him out cold.

Love is seen running from behind Haner and kicking him flush in the face as he was kneeling on the ground. Haner was knocked unconscious.

The footage went viral and Love turned himself in to authorities a few days after the attack.

“The video of this assault is violent and shocking. It outraged our community and nation,” Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt said in a statement. “We are fortunate that the victim’s injuries were not as severe as it first appeared they may have been.”

Schmidt added, “In the days, weeks and months after this assault, detectives with the Portland Police Bureau worked quickly to identify the suspect and complete the investigation. This is a proper resolution. Marquise Love is accepting responsibility for his actions and the punishment.”

Do you remember this attack video?

It was brutal.

It was actually attempted murder.

Can you imagine if the races were reversed, and Adam Haner had kicked Marquise Love in the head like that? Does anyone think he would get 20 months?


Well, that means we now have a two-tiered justice system, where your race determines your sentence.

How can a country function like that, I wonder?

Well, the answer is: it’s not possible.