Portland Mayor Bans Police from Using Tear Gas

Basically, tear gas is a miracle cure for riots. You saw in DC, when they decided to end a massive riot, they did it in about 25 minutes, using this miracle cure.

Riots used to be this unstoppable thing, basically, then they invented tear gas.

So what does Portland do?

Just what you’d expect them to do.


Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has banned police from using tear gas, taking away the commonly-used crowd-control weapon after failing to quell riots that have plagued the city for more than three months.

“Effective immediately, I am directing the Portland Police Bureau to end the use of CS gas for crowd control until further notice,” Wheeler announced Thursday. “We need something different. We need it now.”

Wheeler gave no indication of what other solutions might be considered to help cope with violent protests. Somewhat ironically, the mayor announced last week that he was moving out of his condominium in Portland’s upscale Pearl District after rioters firebombed the building.

Wheeler has blamed President Donald Trump for inciting violence in Portland. After federal law enforcement officers began a phased pullout from the city under an agreement with Oregon Governor Kate Brown in late July, the Washington Post and other media reported that the protests had become peaceful. Yet six weeks of almost nightly rioting later, there appears to be no end to the violence in sight.

This is of course the progressive move. Other cities will follow suit.

Then, there will just be no way to stop a riot – other than live ammo, of course.