Portland: Man Beaten Probably to Death in the Street by Antifa as the Attorney General Continues to Do Nothing at All

There are few things in the universe more dangerous than a completely unhinged and unaccountable mob of agitated people in masks.

This week, the mob in Portland attacked a man who had just crashed his car.

He crashed because they were blocking the street, and they claimed that he was trying to run them over. There is no video of the crash itself, but there is video of part of the beating, and there is video of the woman who was in the car with him crying, and there is footage of him lying on the ground bleeding from his skull. The bone in the back of his head appears to be smashed in, and if he survives, he’s going to have serious brain damage.

You should watch these videos. You need to understand that this is what they are planning to do to all of us.

In the first video, the mob surrounds the man’s truck. A woman gets out and is immediately jumped on and thrown to the ground. Unclear events happen, and the man drives off, attempting to flee the mob, and eventually crashes his car.

After the crash, you see the man is pulled out of his truck, beaten and forced to sit on the ground by the mob.

In this video, you can see a black man with long hair in a “security” vest interrogating him and beating him, repeatedly saying “what the fuck is you talking about, nigga?”

In the next video, you see the man, who remains unidentified, sitting on the street after having been beaten. The black man involved in the earlier beating gets a running start before kicking him in the head.

This is the black man who got a running start before he kicked his head and caused his skull to bounce off of the asphalt:

It appears that he is this man, seen elsewhere in the footage from that night:

The Post Millennial, citing research from /pol/, has identified him as 26-year-old Marquise “Keese” Lee Love. This appears to fit, as he is wearing a “security” vest – he is a member of the group that they want to replace the police with. This picture of Love has been posted, and appears to match the black man seen kicking the white man’s head in in the video:

Here’s another picture of Love:

There are several articles about this attack, including in The Washington Post, and though the police were called and wrote a report, none mentions an arrest or that they are looking for a suspect. The plan of the Portland police is to not arrest this black man who probably just committed murder in the middle of a crowded street in a large American city.

A second video shows the aftermath.

This mob believes that there is some type of justification for random acts of violence. They are stupid people, their ideology is actually incoherent, and they are not good at violence. You can watch any video of them, and if you’ve ever had anything at all to do with violence, including simply being a fan of some form of combat sport, you can understand without any question that these are not people who understand violence.

They think this is a game.

The blacks just act like violent animals, as is their inclination. The whites involved in this appear to be suffering from demonic possession. In the video you can hear them screaming in a way that is almost otherworldly. It is a horrible shrill sound that you can feel in your bones. You can hear them howling, “WHITE TRASH FUCK” and “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and so on. So very many “fucks.” I’ve attempted to cut this word out of my own vocabulary, and certainly banned it from use on this website, as a result of hearing these people say it so many times in this Twitter videos.

The mob apparently told the police that they thought the man was driving around trying to hit them with his car, but even WaPo admits that there is no evidence of this. There is certainly no video evidence of this. It sure wouldn’t make much sense to do that with a woman in the car. It’s much more likely that they were harassing him because he was white and driving, as we’ve seen so many videos of, and this caused him to crash, and they then pulled him out and beat him.

The man’s passenger, a white woman, is seen in the video crying, asking, “why’s he bleeding?”

In a faggot voice, a little boy who thinks this is all a big game tells her, “he wrecked his car and he got beat up because he tried to run people over while he was saving you, okay?” The sentence is obviously incoherent, and the boy saying it is obviously scared and trembling, as he’s just been involved in beating a man to death, or nearly so.

She begs the mob not to steal the stuff out of the truck, saying, “please, that’s all he has…”

I can believe that all this man has is in his truck. These are working class white people. A poor fat white women and a white man in his thirties wearing a Transformers t-shirt. This is the epitome of the working class in this country, with a truck full of tools, just trying to get by. And he was pulled out of his car and beaten, probably to death, by a black man supported by a gang of drug-addled grad students who claim to be engaging in a communist revolution.

He’s not going to need that truck full of tools where he’s going.

If he survives, he’s going to be hooked to machines for the rest of his life.

This is the face of the revolution. It is the face of Black Lives Matter, of CNN and the New York Times, of the entire leftist system: a working class man with nothing but the tools in his truck and a fat woman getting dragged out of his car and beaten (probably to death) in the street for being white.

Some white women come around and try to do first aid before the video cuts out. The white women doing the first aid are I’m sure just there for the ego-boost of “standing in solidarity.” They don’t know what the hell is going on. They didn’t mean to kill someone, they just believed what the Jew TV and their Jew college professors told them. But when they find out this guy is dead or permanently brain-damaged, they won’t feel guilty and they won’t change their minds about the revolution.

There were no cops around and if he dies or if he survives, no one will be charged for the attack. They’re just allowed to do this now, because the Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, has made a blanket decision not to prosecute them. Fox News does interview after interview with Barr, and never questions this decision.

Half-Jew William Barr recently gave interviews to both Mark Levin (Jew) and Sean Hannity – neither host asked him why he is not pressing charges against these people rioting in the streets and destroying this country.

They say he’s a really good guy for saying that it’s bad that there is a mob of violent communists attacking people on the street and attempting to burn down federal buildings. They don’t just accept that he’s not pressing charges against anyone – they don’t even ask him about why he isn’t doing it.

Sean Hannity is either an outright traitor or he is so stupid that he should be committed to an asylum. The idea of doing an interview with this man and refusing to ask him why he is not pressing charges against these rioters is so outrageous that it is actually unbelievable.

Somehow, none of the right-wing media is questioning this situation. After this very prominent street beating, which has gone viral, I do not expect anything to change. Fox News will continue to do interviews with Barr, he will continue to come on and say, “oh yes, oh, I’m so sad that there are communist rioters on the streets, oh sure, yes, we’re investigating it big time,” and he will continue to refuse to press charges against any of them.

Apparently, the media understands that the people are too uninformed to realize that William Barr could very easily be ordering the FBI to round all of these people up.

The obvious reality is that if you opened a RICO case against Antifa, you would end up in the very awkward situation where you found that they are completely run by the FBI, via confidential informants (CIs). There is no way to do a RICO net of the leaders and not pull in CIs, and some of the CIs would no doubt say, “you can’t put me in prison, I was just acting on orders from the FBI!”

Of course, as we saw in the case of Hal Turner, the neo-Nazi CI who was arrested and charged for inciting violence against a federal judge, being a CI does not give you immunity from prosecution. “I was ordered to do this by the FBI” does not make what you did legal. As we saw in the case of Whitey Bulger, the FBI will allow you to commit crimes while working for them, including murder, but once you’re in court all bets are off.

Given this, if the Attorney General himself was involved in the investigation, that would mean that he would be able to cut a deal with some of the CIs and get them to give a full account of what they were doing, and who ordered them to do it. You could then start issuing subpoenas to FBI agents, and you could unravel the entire conspiracy of these FBI agents using these Antifa to force a revolution in America. That would inevitably lead back to the rogues’ gallery that we’re all familiar with, including James Comey, James Clapper, Susan Rice and the rest of them.

I have broken down the fact that a democracy is effectively “rule by the media.” The reason we are in the situation we are in is not even because democracy exists, it is because of the dereliction of duty by the right-wing media. If the media was pressing the fact that the only way any of what is happening in the streets of America right now is possible is that William Barr is refusing to charge these people, and if they were calling for protests against him, we could get an acting Attorney General to start unraveling this thing.

Donald Trump presumably doesn’t even know what is going on, which is why I have stated that it is absolutely necessary for Tucker Carlson to say more about this. Trump hired Barr because he flattered him. It’s the same thing with Mike Pompeo. Trump will allow people to hold high office if (a) they flatter him and (b) they can be approved by the Senate.

Barr already let Hillary Clinton off the hook. He then made some bizarre statement about how Barack Obama could never be indicted because in America we don’t do things like that. Trump actually called him out for that.

So apparently Trump has some idea of the absolutely monumental malfeasance of this man.

This country is being ripped apart at the seams because Attorney General William Barr ostensibly “believes in the system” and doesn’t want to see the FBI charged with running a terrorist organization.

On some level, I could have sympathy for the notion that you can’t undermine the entire system. If that idea is presented in a vacuum, I can understand it. I believe that it is necessary for a society to exist that people have faith in the system. But the situation right now is that all faith in the system is virtually already gone, and in reality, arresting and prosecuting some high level criminals would restore faith in the system. Nothing would bring this country together better than a Fox News feed of Barack Obama being dragged out of his house in handcuffs, à la the Roger Stone CNN video.

I pray that tonight, Tucker Carlson will directly address the president and call for the resignation of William Barr.

The fact that this black man who did this will not be charged with a crime – despite the fact that his face is clearly on video all over the internet and no doubt on innumerable CCTV cameras otherwise, and who we appear to have already (allegedly) identified as Marquise Lee Love – is beyond the pale, and William Barr should be in prison for letting this happen.

This viral video could be the point at which this entire antifa agenda collapses, if the right-wing media is willing to push it. Love is not simply a random “peaceful protester” – he is (allegedly) a member of the group that the left wants to replace the police with. This is what I told you, all the way back when they started talking about replacing the police with “social workers.” This is who they mean – they mean (allegedly) Marquise Lee Love.

Trump can exploit this and he can get reelected on this. I don’t care how liberal you are, no one on earth wants the man shown in this video screaming and nearly killing a man replacing the police. The plan of the left is to bring all of this in without you knowing what is happening – but here you see it. Here it is. This is the plan.

I pray that this is exploited to the fullest extent. We need the victim’s name. We need to tell his story.

We need William Barr to resign and be replaced with someone willing to have these people arrested. If Trump can stop these riots, stop mail-in voting and get the people their unemployment money, he wins in November.