Portland is Coming to America

Andy Ngo posted a video on Thursday of armed BLM-Antifa, who had set up a roadblock in the street, pulling some guy out of his truck and stealing his gun.

The man did pull his gun out, but only after armed communists stopped his truck.

The video in Andy’s tweet has been removed, but there is a copy still up on YouTube. It’s actually a longer clip which provides a bit more context.

There aren’t many details, but this is how leftists are recording the event:

RT has an article up about it, attempting to reconstruct the context of the attack.

But the details don’t really matter very much.

Basically, what is happening is this: Antifa-BLM has declared themselves the law of the land in Portland, and the police, for whatever reason, are not capable of effectively challenging this authority.

It may or may not be ironic, but the new boss is much worse than the old boss. As we saw all the way back in August of last year, these Antifa “community enforcer” people will brutally abuse people, simply for being white.

Remember the white guy who had his head kicked against the concrete by a black because he dared talk back to this new authority?

I’ve seen a lot of police brutality, but I’ve never seen them act like that.

What is happening with the Biden Administration’s “police reform” is that they want to replace the police with Antifa. If and when that happens, they will continue to act like they’ve been acting, and you will have no rights at all. You will be attacked on the street, and presumably imprisoned and tortured by these people.

What is going on with these people?

Well, they appear to be possessed by Satan. The more straightforward explanation is that they are just really, really susceptible to brainwashing by the media and education system, and believe they have to use brutal violence in order to fight the imaginary enemies that the media has created.

But it doesn’t really matter who they are. What matters is that they exist, and they are gaining more and more power in society. It is clear now that there is an organized government agenda to continue to transfer state power to these groups.

It’s going to be a mess.

The best decision anyone can make is to get out of the big cities, and go somewhere that has a community that is going to stand up to this.