Portland Cops Mass-Resign from Riot Squad in Protest as Big George Floyd Idol Revealed in Jersey

They didn’t resign from their jobs – just from the riot squad.

Why would they not resign completely?

The fact that they’re not doing that just proves that the police are generally not our best.

Daily Mail:

Portland’s 50-person riot squad resigned in protest Wednesday in solidarity with one of their colleagues indicted for striking a photographer they claim was a rioter.

The resignations were effective immediately, according to the Portland Police Bureau, and come after the indictment on Tuesday of Officer Corey Budworth, for assault during and incident in which he allegedly struck photographer Teri Jacobs in the head during a riot last August.

Unfortunately, this decorated public servant has been caught in the crossfire of agenda-driven city leaders and a politicized criminal justice system,’ the Portland Police Association said in a statement Tuesday.

Video of the incident was shared on social media, in which Budworth appears to push the photographer, who has been identified as Jacobs, an activist, and then striking her in the head with his baton.

Jacobs says she was attacked despite carrying a press card. She was not charged with any crime, and received a $50,000 settlement from the City of Portland as a result of the baton strike. Cops have continued to insist she was part of a riot which set the a government building alight with a petrol bomb.

The officers from the Rapid Response Team, which is equipped to handle riots, will remain employed in the Portland Police Department, the PPB said, but would no longer be a part of the team.

Here’s the bitch (clearly a Jew):

Here’s the video:

You decide!

It’s really just standard, however. Of course cops are charged for doing their job, and they will keep being charged. Every cop who doesn’t quit is just playing Russian roulette. It’s only a matter of time before it’s either him or a black, and he has to choose to either die or go to prison.

It’s disgusting they don’t all resign completely from everything, across the entire country, and just let everyone get what they deserve.

But if that was going to happen, it already would have happened.

You know what is also predictable and disgusting?

A 700 pound bronze idol of George Floyd in Newark, New Jersey!

Just in time for Juneteenth (brought to you by Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene)!

Sickening Judeo-Christians keep saying that the coronavirus vaxx “can’t be the Mark of the Beast, because there is no Beast.”

Well, firstly, Revelation describes multiple Beasts.

Who knows if George Floyd isn’t one of the Beasts described the Book of Revelation?

He certainly looks like one!

And a whole lot of evil sure has ridden in on his back!

They’re making images of him to worship! And he “survived” being injured in that his image exists all over the world, and is worshiped! Those who worship him blaspheme God!

I’m not saying I believe this to literally be the prophecy – there are surely all manner of beasts around. I’m just saying that to say there are no Beasts in our current society, so the coronavirus vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast, is folly.

People who act like they understand totally the prophecies are all charlatans and liars and clearly, the coronavaxx is the Mark of the Beast, or rather, the precursor to it. They are already telling you you wouldn’t be able to buy or sell without a mark.

These headlines are a little bit late. I haven’t really been on the ball this week.

I’ve generally been having ball-management problems. I mean the abstract and symbolic ball of the site’s work – not to be confused with my testicles, which I manage well and wash daily.

I will say: I think these articles were bretty gud:

So, I’m still in the game here.

The news cycle has just been really boring and tiresome. It’s all very predictable.

Well, Tucker going viral for exposing fed involvement with 1/6 wasn’t totally predictable, and could actually result in something positive if Matt Gaetz knows how to handle his balls.

Article updated to make it clear the cops only resigned from the riot squad, not completely from the force.