Portland: Blacks March Into the Suburbs, Screaming “Wake Up Motherf*cker, Wake Up!”

A Black Lives Matter mob entered the suburbs again on Thursday night, marching down the streets of a neighborhood in Portland screaming “wake up, motherfucker!” at the middle class whites who have lived there in safety for decades.

The 55 second clip posted by the intrepid Andy Ngo shows the blacks with their white female allies using a megaphone to alert the middle class whites that the age of the human is over.

They used a megaphone to tell these “motherfuckers” to wake up, and also shined bright lights in people’s windows.

I had someone on the internet tell me the other day that I “sounded like a crazy person” for saying that the next step was for these blacks to start killing white people in these suburbs. I asked him what he thought the next step was, and he said, and I quote, “I think things will cool off.”

Well, we are three months in, and these people, driven on by the media, continue to look for new ways to escalate. Even in the initial hardcore riots in June, they did not march into the suburbs. This is new. The extreme beating of the white man in Portland is new.

This is not cooling down. It is just heating up.

By every conceivable indicator, it’s going to keep getting worse, and then it’s going to get worse again.

Another person on the internet told me that I was helping Antifa by “spreading fear” and he also told me “it’s going to cool down.” I had never heard that Antifa’s goal was fear, as I had thought it was generally understood that their goal is violent revolution.

This is how I answered that individual:

I don’t grasp how it could help the left, no. I also don’t understand what we’re talking about. They are already marching into the suburbs, they are already killing people. The concept that it is hysterical to say that when they talk about pulling the police – which is already happening – they’re talking about enabling themselves to commit violence against white Americans confounds me. I’m simply stating an obvious fact that no one else wants to say.

You are saying that you don’t believe they are going to continue killing people? You don’t think that attacks like the recent one in Portland will be blocked from going viral on social media in the very near future, and you think that the Portland DA would have investigated and pressed charges if it hadn’t been on video?

Really? That’s what you think?

I have no argued for some massive slaughter, but there wasn’t a massive slaughter in Russia. The killings were sometimes not precise, but they were generally targeted. Most people who died weren’t murdered, they died of starvation. I have predicted that in this case, the mass die off will largely be to drugs.

The goal of Antifa/BLM isn’t “to scare people,” it is to completely destroy and replace our society. I’ve no idea where “fear is their goal” came from, that sounds like something you got from a movie.

Does fear help the actual agenda of revolution? I’ve not really thought about it. But let’s be real – if they thought fear was important, the media, who I assume and hope we can agree is in league with the rioters, would be covering the riots, showing the violence. Instead, it gets covered up, with the media claiming the riots are a myth and it’s all peaceful protesters. So there is certainly no way for you to claim that fear is one of the primary goals of the system or even a goal at all.

That having been said, my specific purpose is not to cause fear, but to alert people. Your statement that I can’t alert people because it causes fear strikes me as unhinged. Imagine if a volcano was about to erupt and someone was attempting to tell the villagers they had to move, and the villagers said “stop spreading fear.” It is incoherent.

I’m all for criticism. You are right about the banner. However, the idea that I literally haven’t thought through anything I’m saying, at all, and I’m just out there saying random nonsense that is baseless is something where, if you’re going to make that kind of assertion, you need to have thought it through. If you’re coming at me with “Antifa’s goal is fear,” you haven’t thought through even the most basic things happening in our society right now.

I should reiterate that more, I suppose: I do not mean to cause anyone to be afraid.

There is a big, big problem coming. My view is that people should move outside of the city, and commute to work.

That’s apparently another point of confusion, which I need to explain further (apparently): I do not recommend anyone quit their job if they still have one, nor do I recommend anyone go live in the woods. My advice is this: there are dozens of small towns within an hour’s drive from the center of any major city. You should go live in one of those, and commute to work, if you are one of the few who is still working at a physical building. The cheaper cost of the housing will more than cover the cost of the commute, and if you have children, it will be much better for them. The schools are much better.

Commuting sucks, but there are a lot of experiences in this world that are worse than commuting.

Also: I understand that a lot of you are teenagers, and that is something that also needs to be addressed by me.

I plan to go into all of this in the near future.