Portland: Antifa Sets Comrade on Fire with a Molotov Cocktail, Comrade Doesn’t Stop/Drop/Roll

Funny things happen at the Retard Olympics in Portland, Oregon.

On Saturday night, when the Antifa were celebrating 100 days of continuous riots in the city, one of them set himself on fire with a Molotov cocktail.

It could conceivably be difficult to light a Molotov cocktail and deliver it effectively. The whole point of the device is to use flammable liquid to burn a target, so the liquid pouring out after it’s been lit is a continual concern. I’m sure they’re difficult to throw.

What is hard to understand is that someone engaging in this behavior would not have heard the phrase “stop, drop and roll,” which I think you learn starting in preschool as the response to being set on fire.

Instead of stopping, dropping and rolling, this individual did a “run, scream and jump around” maneuver. The fire was eventually put out by evil cops.

I give credit to the people who tried to help him, before the police showed up with the spray. They were trying to roll him. One enlightened fellow actually was shouting, “stop, drop and roll.” At least someone at the revolutionary riot remembered basic lessons from preschool.

Seriously though – at least at my school, we actually had firemen come and tell us this.

I think that’s pretty standard at white schools, and most of these Antifa are rich kids.

There were also PSAs.

And literal songs in preschool.

At least in the 80s and 90s, the educational establishment was very concerned about kids knowing what to do if they got lit aflame.

How did this revolutionary not know stop, drop and roll? 

The actual degree of moron involved here is simply astonishing.

We’re supposed to believe both that these people don’t know “stop, drop and roll,” and also that they figured out a path to utopia on earth, and will implement this utopia as soon as they kill all the cops and burn down all the buildings…?

But who knows?

Maybe they will form a grand new aristocracy.