Portland and Seattle: Riots, Also Riots

It’s not just Chicago that is popping off tonight.

We’ve got it full on in Portland, yet again.

Fox News:

A riot was declared in Portland Sunday evening as officers tried to quell another night of unrest that saw protesters march on a police union building, throw objects at officers, block a road and set dumpster fires, according to multiple reports.

Roughly 200 people marched from Kenton Park to the Portland Police Association building just before 10 p.m., which was the site of another protest on Saturday.

This is America now.

The end goal is… well, I’m sure it’s something, otherwise all of these adults in the government wouldn’t be supporting it.

Last week, the Mayor of Portland came out and said that the rioters shouldn’t murder people.

It was quite a reversal for someone who has been a big-time supporter of the riots.

He said he wanted a revolution. You know?

Here’s some more of the Portland fun from Sunday night.

And here is our dear, lovely Seattle.

Bank robbery!


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