Pornography Addiction: Its Causes, Effects and How to be Rid of It

Peter Mansfeldt
Daily Stormer

December 9, 2013

The Jew has come to tempt us with every abominable thing.
The Jew has come to tempt us with every abominable thing.

“Self-control is the chief element in self-respect, and self-respect is the chief element in courage.”
-Thucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War

Pornography is often thought by many in our beleaguered and thoroughly Jewish society to be little more than a harmless and amusing recreational activity, something to savor and enjoy, rather than something to despise and avoid.

Yet, in this belief as with so many others in this day and age, the masses have been misled and lied to by the Jewish media and ‘sex researchers’ who seek to keep the white populations of the world in a constant state of confusion and docility, so as to easier manipulate the opinions and tastes of the masses, both political and sexual.

In reality, pornography is one of the most destructive and terrible pieces of weaponry the Jews have ever deployed in their efforts to corrode the character and integrity of white nations, and many modern ills can be attributed to it.

A veritable weapon of mass destruction, pornography – and the excessive amounts of masturbation that necessarily follow in its wake – have transformed a huge number of us – upwards of 90% of men by some estimates – into online perverts and sexual deviants, endlessly searching for the next dopamine high, unconcerned about companionship and morality, and unable to feel the full spectrum of human emotions, easy pickings for the media and its unending flood of lies and degradation.

Your Brain on Porn

Porn addiction is essentially the same as any other type of addiction, utilizing the same structures in the brain, and involving the same patterns of behavior that appear in drug abusers and alcoholics, that is, intense craving for the neurochemical known as dopamine, which in nature acts as the main stimulant which causes one to feel desire, want and need

Brain-on-porn1In most mammals, there is no better source of dopamine than sexual intercourse; this is due to the natural instinct to reproduce, to spread one’s genetic information to the next generation.

However, experiments on rats have shown that after ejaculation, a male rat will need at least 7 days to fully recover his faculties and once again become re-sensitized to dopamine to the same degree that he was before intercourse, and since rats produce semen far faster than humans do, the number of days taken to recover is likely to be far higher than in a rat.

During this recovery period, a male will not find it as pleasurable to engage in intercourse with the same female; he will also find that for several days he has slightly reduced cognitive function due to his expenditure of sexual energy, leaving him in a ‘sexual hangover’ from the dopamine hit.

The Coolidge Effect and the Road to Hell

There is a way to overcome this however, and that is by introducing a completely new female into the equation, which will have the immediate effect of causing a sharp rise in dopamine production, causing the male to once again want to engage in intercourse and spread his genes. This is known as the Coolidge Effect.

The Coolidge Effect is displayed by many animals during mating season, and despite the fact that the white man (and certain other sub-species of humanity) have evolved to be monogamous, the Coolidge Effect still remains and can influence sexual behavior of the male greatly, by inducing in him a rekindled desire to impregnate the novel female.

It is the Coolidge Effect which can cause addiction to pornography, as the brain cannot subconsciously distinguish between a real woman and a woman on a computer screen, and so perceives the plethora of pornographic videos and images to be rare ‘mating opportunities’ which it would be foolish to pass up.

Your mind will keep craving more and more until it is truly satisfied, but since dopamine only causes you to experience want and need, you’ll never actually reach the point of satisfaction.  As with heroin addiction, pornography addiction leads simply to endless longing.

With every orgasm that the male experiences within the recovery period, he will go deeper and deeper into the state of sexual exhaustion which will drastically hinder his ability to function in daily life; he will become sluggish and lazy, lacking the ability to concentrate; he will loose a large amount of his motivation and drive to succeed.  His life-force will remain eternally spent, leaving him in a zombie-like state of ‘sexual hangover.’

Our sexualized culture has led to an endless desire to fulfill the unfulfillable, leaving a vacuum in our souls.
Our sexualized culture has led to an endless desire to fulfill the unfulfillable, leaving a vacuum in our souls.

Additionally, your emotional health will suffer quite a lot and will have you feeling as though you are an empty shell, desensitization can cause you to be unable to feel many emotions if they are not strong enough to cut through the fog that shrouds the addicts mind and causes him to focus only on self-gratification.

You’ll no longer wish to speak or interact with close friends and family, and can become a semi-recluse who spends half his time avoiding people and the other half masturbating to cyber whores.

It will erode your self-control and impulse-control, partially due to the powerful impulses of the reward circuitry in your brain, but also due to frontal cortex atrophy, which will have the dual-pronged effect of both strengthening the impulsive neural pathways, and eroding the pathways which control rational thought and discipline.

Also, since porn causes large rushes of dopamine to be released by your hypothalamus, your brain will start to reduce the amount of receptor synapses in an effort to curb your growing need, which means that you’ll have to resort to increasingly weird and bizarre forms of sexuality in order to keep the novelty alive, and the dopamine flowing.

You will often find that those who view things like bestiality, necrophilia, transgender pornography, homosexual pornography and child pornography were not initially attracted to these things, but grew desensitized to normal intercourse and so resorted to viewing these horrendous acts in order to fuel their growing addictions.

By this same mechanism, the idea of going out to meet women may become uninteresting to the addict due to the fact that most of them will only perform regular sex acts. You’ll start to judge women based solely on sexual performance and will ignore most other aspects of their personality or attributes they may have, thinking in many ways like your typical American Negro, or even like a Jew.

Eventually, there will come a point when the addict feels no need for actual sexual contact, all his desires being stimulated by virtual means.

Even if pornography does not transform you into this guy, you will feel as though it has.
Even if pornography does not transform you into this guy, you will feel as though it has.

Interestingly, while an individual woman can seem unexciting, many porn addicts report that the idea of taking things which belong to a woman for the purpose of using it to masturbate later can be intensely exiting – things like articles of clothing and such. I once met a boy in secondary school who was very much into pornography, and found covertly placing girls schoolbooks into his bag so as to later use them to pleasure himself to be a highly stimulating activity. He was also fond of taking shoes.

It is worth noting here that he seemed quite ashamed with himself, but was unable to control his impulses; when an opportunity arrived, he could not abstain.  This demonstrates how porn habits can bleed over into real life and encourage the proliferation of deviancy and sexual crime.

The Jew is Feeding on Your Vital Sexual Energy

Make no mistake: the mass sexualization of society seen in recent years would have been impossible for the Jews in the media to enact without the aid of porno Jews such as Ron Jeremy, who assisted the media in weakening the moral character of the nation by eroding our self control and willingness to fight back against the tide of perversion.

Porno Jew Ron Jeremy engages in a Jew ritual inside a liquor store.
Porno Jew Ron Jeremy engages in a Jew ritual inside a liquor store.

Social anxiety is also a common problem that men who have pornography addiction report. Many say that they find it challenging to go out into parties or get-togethers, and have difficulty talking to people, and making eye contact; speaking in coherent extended sentences will also become more difficult, and some chronic masturbaters may even begin to develop mild stuttering symptoms. Self-esteem and positive self-image will also be decreased; after all, how can you think well of yourself when half of your internet traffic goes to fueling a pathetic and deleterious desire to get yourself off?

You may also, through over-stimulation of the limbic system, experience erectile dysfunction and a decrease overall in enthusiasm and ability to perform sexually with real women.

One thing I’ve noticed about women is that they have a subconscious ability to distinguish between porn addicts and those whose libido is not affected by pornography, which is why when you rid yourself of this compulsion, women will often feel more attracted to you, and will probably approach you far more often than if you had not.

Now, anyone with even an ounce of sense will know that all the effects ascribed above to pornography are extremely harmful to the collective health and conscience of any nation afflicted, and realize that we would do well to shake off this intensely burdening Jewish creation, and from there destroy all the other power structures of the Jews which hold our nations in thrall.

Nowadays, unlike in ancient times when men felt and behaved like men, masculinity is a rare trait, and is becoming rarer still now that porno addiction has become pandemic. Men often feel as though life is hopeless and depressing and rather than do anything about it, they would rather watch television programs and eat fast food.

The essence of masculinity is the drive to impose your will upon the world, and to do all you can to help your countrymen and racial brothers and sisters to lead better lives, free from the influence of Jewish thought.

When Adolf Hitler wasn't busy with his duties saving Europe, he didn't masturbate or go to clubs and look for loose women, he spent his time with the woman he loved.
When Adolf Hitler wasn’t busy with his duties saving Europe, he didn’t look at porno or go to clubs and look for loose women, he spent his time with the woman he loved.

Do you think those men of real character and strength, men such as Adolf Hitler, Savior of Europa, or Ilias Kasidiaris of the Greek Golden Dawn party, would ever spend their time pathetically trying to satiate their lust for women they only ever see on a screen and whom they’ll never meet?

No, I imagine the very idea would be abhorrent to them, so how could anyone ever call himself a real national socialist while indulging in these useless and degrading activities?

The answer to that is: you can’t.

Breaking Free

So how exactly does one go about getting rid of an addiction to pornography?

Unfortunately, the reality is that there is no ‘miracle cure’ or drug that will ease ones compulsions; however, this does not mean that it is impossible to restore the mind almost completely to the way that it was before getting involved in pornography.  Though it will surely take some measure of willpower and grit, do not despair, as many have already completed their ‘reboot’ (as it is called on support websites), and are now reaping the numerous benefits of freedom from the Jewish monster that is adult entertainment.

Remember your ancestors, White Man, and don't be a wanker.
Remember your ancestors, White Man, and don’t be a wanker.

Here are some steps that I think it would be useful to follow in order to quit masturbating and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life:

The first thing you will need to do is find a clear reason for why you wish to quit. For example, do you wish to become more focused in school or work life?  Perhaps become more attractive to women? Maybe you wish to regain lost masculinity, or even cure persistent porn-induced erectile dysfunction?

Whatever your reasons, do be sure to write them down and have them handy, so as to be able to pull them out quickly during moments of weakness and remind yourself of what you’re trying to do and why.

If you have a close friend or family member who can assist you and provide support, you should definitely think about enlisting their aid.

Realize that porn is a Jewish abomination, intended to warp your mind into conforming to their standards.  Realize that if you don’t beat it, then you’ll spend the rest of your life living under a shadow, forever feeling that you are dirty and inferior to better, more disciplined men.

Second, if you have a collection of downloaded porn, delete it. You may not watch it, but it will still remind you of watching porn, and as you’ll want as few reminders as possible, it is desirable to get rid of all past associations with it.

You might also want to install some kind of password protected porn blocker software, then configure the password to something you won’t remember, thus dramatically decreasing your opportunities to view pornography.

Third, take up some kind of hobby, perhaps a sport such as tennis or football, or simply a gym routine, as this will both allow you to expend your masculine sexual energy in a useful and productive manner, and will also take you away from home and the computer, which is where you’ll typically start to become tempted.

This is useful because it can be extraordinarily beneficial to the recovering addict to spend as much time as he can away from the computer and the constant lure of masturbation.

One should also remember that although all masturbation is an unnecessary waste of powerful energies, masturbating without pornography is much less harmful than masturbating with pornography.

The forth and last piece of advice I will give you is to understand the stages that a recovering person will go through, so as to be prepared for its trials.

The stages that a typical recovery will entail are as follows:

In the first week or two of abstinence, you will feel your desire for pornography grow and become more insistent; do not give in at this stage; if you do, then you’ll have to start right back at day one.

After this period you’ll eventually get to a point where your desire becomes so great that your brain decides to almost shut down sexually. This is known as ‘withdrawal,’ because it mirrors the effect that other types of addicts experience with their recoveries.

In this period – which can last for about four weeks – your libido will be next to nonexistent, and you will be unable to easily gain erections. Do not be alarmed at this, as it will eventually subside, and you will soon regain normal control of your faculties.

After the period of withdrawal, you may find that the old desires and compulsions are back, albeit weaker. Do not give in and relapse, as if you do, it will make it far more likely that you will relapse again, and again, in which case, you will have to restart your abstinence from the beginning.

Draw strength from those who came before you, remember the acts of your forefathers, remember your duty to your nation and to your race, and understand that while you are in the clutches of the vile addiction, you won’t be able to fulfill them.

After a few days, you will start to notice a slow but very noticeable decrease in your libido and desire for pornography; keep at it and eventually you will start to return to normal, healthy sexuality.

Your old urges and desires will be greatly diminished, and you will experience life in far richer depth and detail then before. You will likely notice improvements in all aspects of life, and will be far happier and more capable a man because of it.

Do not let your guard down, as in today’s sexually charged environment, anything can act as a trigger for your old dependencies. Make sure to maintain all of yourself – body, mind and soul.

Do this, and you will not only become better National Socialists or better citizens, but better men.

I finish with a quote from one of the greatest White intellects of ancient times:

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates


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