Populists Win in Italy! Rome Resurrected as Conte Sworn in as PM! Salvini Plans Mass Prison Camps!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2018

Are you not entertained???

Amazing. I told you we would have a new populist government in power this week. Granted, I said we wouldn’t get it until Monday and we got it Friday.

The Guardian:

Italy’s new populist government has been sworn in to power after the president, Sergio Mattarella, agreed to a revised slate of ministers – just days after a bitter row over the incoming leaders’ stance on the euro ended their initial bid to assume power.

Giuseppe Conte was sworn in as prime minister on Friday after a last-ditch coalition deal ended months of political deadlock and narrowly avoided snap elections in the eurozone’s third largest economy.

Conte, an academic and political novice, will head a government of ministers from the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and the far-right League party. The first populist coalition in a founding EU member has raised concerns in some European quarters.

The 53-year-old was sworn in alongside his cabinet, which will see the M5S leader, Luigi Di Maio, and League chief, Matteo Salvini, in key ministerial posts.


Mussolini incarnate.

He pledges to send home half a million African savages.


Italy’s interior minister Matteo Salvini has declared one of the new government’s top priorities will be to “send them home”, in a move that signals he will keep a campaign pledge which could result in hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants leaving Italy.

Looks like we have another man to add to the pantheon of heroes now that Trump’s spot has opened up. Salvini has earned his place – right next to St. Breivik and Duterte.

“Open doors in Italy for good people and a one-way ticket for those who come to Italy to create commotion and think they will be taken care of. ‘Send them home’ will be one of our top priorities,” he said.

Why send them home though?

Let’s send them to a country that we don’t like instead. Like Israel. As a non-returnable gift. Or send them somewhere where they’re sure to die. Like Afghanistan or Antarctica.

I want to see a politician come along someday that goes out of his way to make life hard for non-Whites, just for kicks and giggles. I could wake up every day with a smile on my face – knowing that some black person is getting sand kicked in his face would put some pep in my step.

Salvini is a good start though.

I like this man’s attitude and demeanor. He’s got a “don’t fuck with me” aura about him.


Salvini, the bombastic and xenophobic leader of the League , who rose in recent years on the back of incendiary and racist statements about migrants and Roma, will take on the role of interior minister. Salvini has campaigned on the promise of mass deportations of migrants and said a new government would build detention centres around Italy. He is also a fierce critic of Brussels and has called for closer ties to Russia. 

W-w-what is this?

A sudden feeling of calm and happiness is washing over me.

Someone, somewhere in a position of power is making smart decisions. Man, it really does calm you down. This must be what Jews feel like, knowing that things are going in the direction that they want.

The rest of today is going to be good – I feel totally Zen’d-out and content already.

Mass deportations, prison camps and good relations with Russia – that’s all I ever really wanted in a leader.

If Salvini keeps true to his word, I’m moving to Italy.

It’s warm, cheap-ish, and soon to be nigger-free. Sounds like paradise to me.