“Population Replacement of the German People is a Reality” – AfD Deputy Chairwoman

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 15, 2016

Yeah but they have to do this though so that the Germans don’t commit another Holocaust against the innocent kikes.

Genociding the entire population of Germany through ethnic-cleansing via mass immigration is the only way to be sure that the Jews – the chosen people – are safe from someone trying to commit a genocide against them.

Christina Baum, Deputy Chairwoman of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the state of Baden-Württemberg, called the multicultural efforts of the establishment parties “Population Replacement” and “Displacement of the German people” while addressing a “weak and symbolic” burqa proposal by the FDP party.

She cited a study released by the University of Münster that concluded that in many West German cities 55-70% of children under 6 years are foreigners. These developments are no longer a conspiracy, but harsh reality, she said. All other parties either approve of the developments or, fully consciously, encourage them.

The majority of the population demand a complete ban of Burqas in public life and the only party that can do justice to that is the AfD, said Baum.

While the German people lose a part of their own homeland every single day, politicians are concerned about nothing but the next election. They relentlessly push for voting rights of illegal immigrants (to whom they refer as new citizens) in order to secure the votes for a Left Wing government indefinitely.

Baum expressed that is Germany fails to draw clear boundaries about the rules in Germany right now, the demographic change and damage may be “irreversible”.

She also urged politicians to consider the future of their children and grandchildren, the importance of familiar customs and tradition and avoiding the catastrophic consequences of German areas becoming minority German.

Baden-Württemberg is known as a stronghold for the Green Party, that has pushed for the legalization of pedophilia and unlimited mass immigration to Germany since its conception.

In Freiburg, the city where 19 year old Maria Ladenburger was raped and murdered by an Afghan illegal Immigrant, the Green Party secured nearly 40% of the votes. The Party is considered to be a party of foreigners, liberal college student and self-hating, guilt ridden Germans. Policies of unrestricted illegal Immigration of young African and Arab males have proven to be a complete catastrophe, rendering once idyllic German towns barely habitable due to high crime rates and ghetto formation.

The demographic shift that Christina Baum has expressed concerns about is celebrated by Leftists.

For example, Green Party politician Stephanie von Berg called Germans becoming a minority in cities “a good thing”. The Green President of the BW Landtag itself is a Turkish woman, Muhterem Aras, born and raised in Elmaağaç, Bingöl, Turkey – yet they deny any allegations of a creeping Islamization of Germany.