Pope Francis Says Homosexual Tendencies are Not a Sin

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 3, 2019

One of the roles of the new Pope is to talk about the social issues that matter, such as whether or not homosexuals should be allowed to homosex in front of young kids on the streets and whether or not young kids themselves should be allowed to homosex in front of an audience.

His take is that homosexual tendencies are not a sin because they are tendencies.

But what is a homosexual tendency if not being a virgin homosexual?

Let’s find out.


Pope Francis has said that homosexual tendencies “are not a sin,” while encouraging parents who begin “seeing rare things” in their children to “please, consult, and go to a professional,” because “it could be that he [or she] is not homosexual.”

Asked about his famous soundbite “Who am I to judge?”, the pope said, “Tendencies are not sin. If you have a tendency to anger, it’s not a sin. Now, if you are angry and hurt people, the sin is there.”

Sin is acting, of thought, word and deed, with freedom,” Francis said.

How can you define a tendency to something without that something manifesting itself? How can you know if someone has a tendency to anger if that someone hasn’t manifested anger?

Same for homosexuality.

If someone acts like a faggot, you know that someone has homosexual tendencies.

It’s not clear why this Pope wants to separate “tendencies” from “action,” considering the actions (and “thought, word, and deed”) need to manifest for one to know the tendency exists.

It’s also not clear why he says parents having homosexual kids isn’t a rarity. Despite the gay being injected in schools, the number of homosexual kids is still low enough for them to be considered a rarity.

Asked by Spanish journalist Jordi Evole if he thinks it’s a “rarity” for parents to have a homosexual child, the pope answered that “in theory, no.”

“But I’m talking about a person who is developing, and parents start to see strange things … Please consult, and go to a professional, and there you will see what it is and may not be homosexual, that is due to something else,” he said.

Francis also said that in his opinion, it’s usually challenging for a family to have a homosexual child, as they can be “scandalized by something they don’t understand, something out of the ordinary … I’m not making a judgement of value, I’m doing a phenomenological analysis,” he said.

The pope’s words came in response to a question about comments he made last summer, when he said parents who detect their children have homosexual behaviors should take them to a psychiatrist.

In a new interview that aired Sunday with the Spanish news outlet La Sexta, the pope said he was “explaining that you never throw a homosexual person out of the house, but I made a distinction that when the person is very young and begins to show strange symptoms, it’s useful to go … I said to a psychiatrist, at that moment you say the word that comes out and, on top of that, in a language that is not yours.”

That’s technically correct; you don’t throw homosexuals out of the house, you throw homosexuals off roofs. It’s just common sense, really; if you throw them out of the house, they can go back to the house later or go somewhere to infect more people with the gay.

Let’s see… can you think of any example of something that could be considered “homosexual tendency” that should be accepted in a sane society?

Marrying a bearded “woman” could be considered a homosexual tendency.

Does that look not sinful to you?


Back in June 2017, Little Bear Schwarz feared she would be single forever because of her beard.

But when she posted on Facebook about her fears, a comment popped up and a man called Tobias Bradick, 45, asked her out.

Now, the pair have married in a Christian-Satanist ceremony to celebrate both their religions, near Little Bear’s home in Tacoma, Washington, USA.

The pair first met through an online polyamory group in 2014 but it wasn’t until the Facebook post in 2017 that they started to see eachother as more than friends.

Little Bear, 36, has polycystic ovary syndrome since she was 14 – a condition affecting fertility and often causing weight gain and excessive body hair, including on her face – and she was worried that she would never meet someone who would see beyond her beard.

Little Bear said: ‘I’d had relationships in the past, but they all fell apart, so I was feeling pretty low.

‘I was worried that I’d never be able to find a person who could see past my beard.

‘So I wrote a post on Facebook and then an hour later I got a message from Tobias saying that he hoped it didn’t come across as too opportunistic, but he would love to take me out.’

Quickly falling in love, a year later the couple were engaged and on February 24 this year they tied the knot in front of 40 friends and family at a special venue for ex-military personnel.

She continued: ‘Tobias is a Satanist whereas I am a Christian, which might sound like we are at odds with one another.

But really, we have the same ethical codes – we just express them through different means.’

Ever heard “misery loves company”? Sins love company, and degeneracy loves company too. Depraved behaviors such as marrying a bearded woman are guaranteed to be accompanied by other depravities, often much worse.

The thing to remember is that perversions are never “just a thing,” but they’re just one manifestation of something deeper. Something that manifests itself in other areas too.

Keeping this in mind, it’s hard to see the usefulness of pointing out “tendencies are not a sin” in the context of homosexuality.

I guess the anti-Pope really likes Progress.