Pope Francis Says God Loves It When Children Have Gay Anal Sex

Yes because of course he said this.

The Jesuit Review:

Pope Francis told a group of parents of L.G.B.T. children yesterday that “God loves your children as they are” and “the church loves your children as they are because they are children of God.” He did so in a brief encounter with some 40 Italian parents (both mothers and fathers) of L.G.B.T. children after the public audience in the Renaissance courtyard of San Damaso in the Vatican.

The parents are members of an Italian association, Tenda di Gionata (“Jonathan’s Tent”), which welcomes and provides information and formation to L.G.B.T. Christians, their families and pastoral workers. The association was founded in 2018 by people inspired by a Catholic priest, the late Rev. David Esposito from the Diocese of Fermo in the Marches region of Italy.

Mara Grassi, the vice president of the association, together with her husband Agostino Usai—both wearing masks—presented the pope with a booklet titled “Genitori Fortunati” (“Fortunate Parents”) that documented the experiences of these parents with the church, experiences that were at times far from easy, and their requests for acceptance despite all too often being considered “undesirable” by church communities. (An English-language version will soon be published)

This is pure evil, it is blasphemy.

God does not love anal sex.

The Bible is very clear on this issue: God hates fags and when fags die, God laughs.

I am so, so tired of these people talking about a gay identity and attempting to separate homosexuality from the homosexual act.

This is what it means to be “gay”:

  1. You ram your penis into another man’s anus, using the anal cavity to masturbate your penis
  2. You ejaculate into another man’s anus, and then the semen mixes with feces inside of the bowels
  3. You suck on other men’s penises
  4. You eat other men’s semen
  5. You lick other men’s anuses
  6. You stick your fingers and even your entire hand into other men’s anuses
  7. Two men at once stick their penises into your anus, masturbating both against your anal cavity and against each other’s penises

This is sick, sadistic, deranged behavior. Any time someone says “I’m gay,” they’re saying they engage in this behavior. The idea of a “gay child” necessarily implies pedophilia, as the only thing that defines a homosexual is their sexual behavior.

This is INSANE to allow this in society AT ALL. But to celebrate it as good? To have the Pope come out and say that God loves children who do this?

How did we get this low?

And people are shocked that Netflix is sexualizing prepubescent girls? After they accepted gay sex and child homosexuals and child trannies?

What if a child said “I’m a foot fetishist”?

What would you think?

You’d think, “this child must like sucking on toes and rubbing his penis against girls’ feet.”

What if a child told you he was into BDSM?

You’d think, “this child either likes being tied up and whipping people or likes people to do that to him.”

So why would a child who tells you “my identity is that I ram my penis into anuses” not make you uncomfortable and sickened?

What the hell is going on?

This is obviously totally evil.

But of course it is – this “pope” also celebrates satanic rituals with the Christ-killing Jews.

We need to impeach the pope.

Why are Catholics not doing something about this?