Pope Francis Says Builders of Walls “Will End Up Becoming Prisoners of the Walls They Build”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2019

Evil Anti-Pope Francis tried to scare people with an attempt at a prophecy foreshadowing home-owners getting trapped in the homes they built to shelter themselves from the weather.

Keeping the weather, insects, wild animals and thieves out is an anti-humanitarian behavior to be shunned.

People shouldn’t even have roofs over their heads, let alone walls.

That is the way of the Christian.

Thomson Reuters Foundation News:

Pope Francis said on Sunday that political leaders who want walls and other barriers to keep migrants out “will end up becoming prisoners of the walls they build”.

The pope made his comments to reporters aboard the plane returning from Morocco in response to a question about migration in general and about U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to shut down the southern border with Mexico.

Builders of walls, be they made of razor wire or bricks, will end up becoming prisoners of the walls they build,” he said.

I realize that with this problem (of migration), a government has a hot potato in its hands, but it must be resolved differently, humanely, not with razor wire,” the Argentine-born pope said on the plane.

With fear, we will not move forward, with walls, we will remain closed within these walls,” he said on Sunday.

The thing about walls is that they absolutely work. They are made to keep undesired stuff out while allowing the desired stuff in.

What this “Pope” is saying just doesn’t happen. It hasn’t happened. It isn’t a common occurrence.

Building walls is pretty much the same as building shelters and homes, but on another scale. The idea is the same: you want to keep some stuff out and you want to allow some other stuff inside. Houses let people that own them get in and out easily while making it harder for the rain, wind, wild animals, strangers and such to get inside.

Walls do the same.

He also said that the invasion of our countries has to be resolved “humanely.”

What is that even supposed to mean? Because building a wall sounds pretty humane compared to the alternatives.

The situation is pretty simple:

  • We are on our lands
  • Invaders want to get in and take our stuff (they come with nothing, they expect us to provide)
  • We don’t want invaders to get in and we also don’t want to give away our stuff
  • Invaders are getting in anyways even after we’ve told them very clearly that we don’t want them to come

Given the situation, we have two clear choices: either build walls to keep them out or just shoot them when they trespass.

The Anti-Pope, of course, wants the third choice. He wants us to change our mind and to accept the invasion.

He wants us to welcome the invaders and to give them our stuff.

We’ve never got an explanation why we should do that. We’re just told that we’re supposed to give away everything.

But why?

Why does Israel get to have walls?

Why does the Vatican get to have walls?

Pretty cool wall, huh?

Sure, you could most likely enter the city there if you wanted to, but that doesn’t mean you could do that without them allowing you to, which is the whole point of walls.

Arguing against the effectiveness of walls is arguing against the effectiveness of houses and shelters.

Our country is our bigger home, and we if we want to protect it, we will.