Pope Anus Now Hunting Autistic Boys for Anal Purposes

The fake pope recently came out and made the absolute claim that God loves it when little children have their anuses spread open by the penises of grown men.

Now, consider this: this week, he’s talking about how God loves autistic children.


Pope Francis told a group of children with autism and spectrum disorders Monday that they are beautiful, unique flowers in the eyes of God.

Francis met with members of an Austrian center for autism, Sonnenschein (“Sunshine”), in an audience at the Vatican. He told them that the center’s name evoked a flower-filled lawn in the sun “and the flowers of this house are you!”

Speaking to the children, their parents and caregivers from the center, Francis said: “God created the world with a great variety of flowers of all different colors. Each flower has its unique beauty. And each one of us is beautiful in the eyes of God, who loves us.”

Francis has a particular soft spot for children, allowing himself even amid coronavirus social distancing protocols to greet and pat them on the head during his public audiences.

The obvious question here is: does the sickening pope plan to use autistic boys as a part of his diabolical anal agenda?

The obvious answer is: “yes, obviously.”

Autistic boys are regularly targeted by homosexuals.

They’re even trying to get autistic children to use their gay rainbow.

The homosexual philosophy is “any anus will do, as long as it’s fresh!” They don’t care about the poor autistic boy and his problems. They just want to ram their penises into his anus.

Of course, this evil anti-pope is not required to explain his plans for the anuses of young boys, because no one will question him. The media is obviously fully on-board with spreading the anuses of little boys, so they will never say anything to the pope. They also work incessantly to silence people within the church who come out and explain that this pope is a sick faggot.

You might say: “oh well, he’s just saying it’s good if children get their anuses reamed – he’s not actually doing it himself.”

But no, no. Wrong again.

The Catholic Church has been infiltrated and taken over by analists. What the “pope” is doing is signaling to his anal comrades to stick it in deeper.

“Francis” is the first pope that the homosexuals were able to install themselves. He is the first pope to go full-anal. So all of his comments about how good it is to ram penises into the anuses of small boys are statements to his army of gay priests that everything is going according to plan.

When the New World Order is completed, the Jews will put the clergy of the Catholic Church in charge of turning all boys into anal sex toys.

The whole thing is like a nightmare from hell.