Pope Anus Demands That Everyone on Earth Take the Coronavirus Vaccine

For some reason, in our discussion of the coronavirus vaccine, I’ve been neglecting to mention that vaccines contain the flesh of murdered infants. That’s a really basic anti-vax talking point, but thinking about it now, there are obviously a lot of people who are not familiar with this fact.

But yes, virtually all vaccines contain “aborted fetal tissue,” and thus taking a vaccine tends to be cannibalism.

This issue with the coronavirus vaccine was widely discussed all the way back in March, when Catholics were complaining about the use of dead baby flesh in the development of the vaccine.

In October, it appeared as though the Pfizer vaccine would contain infant flesh, and NBC News interviewed a Jew doctor and praised the science:

Three Covid-19 vaccine candidates that have received federal funding through the White House’s Operation Warp Speed have also used cells from fetal tissue in their research. AstraZeneca and Moderna both used the HEK293T cell line in early studies on their vaccines. Johnson & Johnson used a different cell line called PER.C6, also derived from fetal cells, to test its vaccine’s effectiveness against Covid-19.

However, now that the vaccine is out, Pfizer is claiming that it doesn’t contain fetal tissue. They say that the early test versions of it did, but the current mass market version is synthetic.

The government of North Dakota recently claimed that neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna vaccine contain aborted fetal flesh:

The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna do not require the use of any fetal cell cultures in order to manufacture (produce) the vaccine.

Early in the development of mRNA vaccine technology, fetal cells were used for “proof of concept” (to demonstrate how a cell could take up mRNA and produce the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein) or to characterize the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were found to be ethically uncontroversial by the pro-life policy organization the Charlotte Lozier Institute. Further, Brian Kane, senior director of ethics for the Catholic Health Association of the United States, in an interview for the America: The Jesuit Review stated: “In terms of the moral principles of being concerned about the use of any pharmaceuticals that were developed from aborted fetuses, that is certainly an issue that we all want to be cognizant of and try to avoid their use. With that in mind, the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines that are coming out are not even tainted with that moral problem.”

Frankly, even if there is not any fetal tissue in the vaccine shot, the fact that it was developed using fetal tissue should make it morally incompatible with the value system of any Christian.

However, frankly: I’m not sure I believe Pfizer. Basically, the governments of the West decided that everyone on earth has to take this vaccine. They knew that there would be a large pushback against this vaccine, and knew that if Christians could point to the fetal tissue, they would have a solid argument against it that is convincing to normal people (the actual science can get confusing, but “pieces of dead baby flesh” isn’t ever confusing).

So, I would not be surprised if they are just lying. I would have to read up on this, and see what exactly coming up with a synthetic cell line would entail, but at first glance, I’m skeptical, and I don’t think any rational, thinking Christian is going to trust these Jew companies.

But fear not, Christians – the moral weight of this injection can be taken off of your chest, because the Pope says it’s good.

Pope Francis urged world leaders on Thursday to divert funds used for armaments to confront problems such as the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure vaccines reach the poor and most vulnerable nations.

In his message for the Roman Catholic Church’s World Day of Peace, which is celebrated on Jan. 1, Francis also repeated a call for the establishment of a global fund with money slated for weapons to be used instead to help eradicate poverty.

The annual message, this year titled “A Culture of Care as a Path to Peace,” is traditionally sent to heads of state, government, international organisations and other religions.

How many resources are spent on weaponry, especially nuclear weapons, that could be used for more significant priorities such as ensuring the safety of individuals, the promotion of peace and integral human development, the fight against poverty, and the provision of health care.” Francis said.

Francis, who has repeatedly condemned so-called “vaccine nationalism”, said the poorest nations should not be left behind in the fight against coronavirus.

“I renew my appeal to political leaders and the private sector to spare no effort to ensure access to COVID-19 vaccines and to the essential technologies needed to care for the sick, the poor and those who are most vulnerable,” he said.

He paid tribute to medical staff and other front-line workers who risked their lives by helping coronavirus victims, especially those who died in the process.

“In the face of the pandemic, we have realized that we are in the same boat, all of us fragile and disoriented, but at the same time important and needed, all of us called to row together,” he said.

The Pope wants to defund war, but he’s not fundamentally against violence – which he enjoys using against Asian women.

I have to note, as regards this claim that poorer nations are “hardest hit” by the “deadly virus” – this is objectively not accurate.

The only countries that are experiencing a coronavirus pandemic are the countries devoted to fighting a coronavirus pandemic.

This is first world countries, plus Brazil (also Indonesia, for reasons I don’t understand, but which I suspect are very specific).

First world countries are doing mass testing and they’ve created a new way to attribute deaths. If you die of any cause any time after a positive test, you are recorded as dying of the coronavirus.

Third world people are not involved in this fraud, so they do not have a crisis.

The Pope is simply a spokesperson for the New World Order globalist agenda.