Pope Anus Compares Pederast Cardinal to Jesus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2020

This is the face of evil.

The evil and satanic fake Pope Francis AKA Pope Anus has come out and compared a pederast cardinal to Jesus Christ.

Because of course he would do that.


Pope Francis has faced fierce criticism online after appearing to compare Cardinal Pell, recently acquitted of five child sexual abuse offenses during the 1990s, to Jesus Christ himself.

During a Mass celebrated at his residence in Santa Marta on Tuesday morning, the Pope prayed for those suffering the “persecution that Jesus suffered,” including those who had been subjected to “unjust sentences.” 

The message came mere hours after Australia’s highest court acquitted 78-year-old former Vatican economy minister Cardinal George Pell of child sexual abuse in one of the most high-profile cases in the Catholic Church to date. 

Anus followed up the sermon with a tweet, again comparing the pervert to Jesus. Just to make sure everyone got the message.

He isn’t saying “unjust” in terms of “he’s not actually guilty.” He is saying that it is unjust to put someone in prison simply for being a pederast.

The Pope is a homosexual, and homosexuals are like Jews in their loyalty to one another. Homosexuality is a cult. Homosexuals also believe they are giving a gift to the young boys they molest, as they are inducting them into the cult of homosexuality. Molestation is the only way that a person can become a homosexual. The pederastic act is thus a bit like a vampire converting someone.

But the Pope publicly comparing a convicted pederast to Jesus Christ…

This is just… it’s just to be expected at this point, I suppose.

This is yet another reason why we needed a complete collapse of society.

Understand that: this Coronavirus hoax was necessary.

It had to happen.

It is going to be hard for all of us. Everything we knew is gone now.

But it had to happen to free us from the clutches of this evil.

When the suffering is over, we will be born again and made clean.