Pop Music as Mind-Weapon

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2015

In ur head
In ur head

Popular music used to be about whoever was the best at making songs getting popular. Now, not so.

Now you have a situation where a gigantic team of people is involved in making a song, and it really doesn’t even matter who the singer is. Making a popular song is now a science, where you incorporate certain musical elements effectively, couple it with a visually stimulating video, and boom – hit.

As such, the Jews who produce the music are able to pick anyone they want to be the figurehead of an industrially-produced song-product.

Inevitably, they choose individuals who they can use to further destabilize and destroy the fabric of Western society.

The main thrust of this has to do with promoting Blacks as idols for young people. Most of the “good” (I am using this term relative to what is likely to become popular because the most money is poured into it by Jewish producers) pop songs these days feature Blacks. Though Blacks do genuinely have some music talent, as evidenced by gospel, jazz and Motown (in my personal opinion), the type of crap being promoted has nothing to do with Black musical talent, and everything to do with the amount of money being poured into producing the tracks.

The song is good because of a hundred highly proficient experts making it good.
The song is good because of a hundred highly proficient experts making it good.

Jews do this for the obvious reason of promoting Blacks and Black behavior as superior to Whites and White behavior. After all, if they are not superior, why would they be everywhere, why would we be seeing and hearing them constantly? That is how the subconscious mind works – it takes what input it receives from the sensory organs at face value. It is only the conscious mind that is capable of logical analysis, and very few people possess the ability to use the conscious mind for purposes of logical analysis.

This is because in nature, there was virtually no need for it, save for in a very small percentage of the population. Because in nature, where we evolved to exist, if you saw something it was probably very safe to take it at face value.

For instance:

  • Saber-tooth tiger has big sharp teeth – probably bites
  • River current is moving quickly – probably pull my feet out from under me
  • Sky is turning gray – probably going to rain
  • Snow is cold – probably don’t want to fall asleep on it naked
  • Fire is hot – probably will keep me from freezing to death at night
  • Other tribe has spears – probably will throw them at us and take our stuff
  • Young man is tall and always brings something back from the hunt – probably a good match for my daughter
  • Chief has many wives, is very tall and other people listen to him – probably a good idea for me to follow his plans

Your subconscious mind assumes there is an underlying logic in everything by default, which while it may be brutal, is always honest and straightforward. The brain didn’t develop a functional mechanism for “maybe this isn’t what it seems” because it just wasn’t necessary.

What this does is provide the Jewish manipulators with an evolutionary loophole in our psychic make-up which is easily exploited through the media.

The brain is expecting sensory input to be objective and honest.
The brain is expecting sensory input to be objective and honest.

Television in itself is a gigantic exploitation of this loophole, because your subconscious mind has absolutely no point of reference for seeing something which isn’t real. It assumes that anything coming from visual or auditory sensory input is real.

So when you see Blacks everywhere, presented as big hero figures with a lot of money, your subconscious mind automatically assumes they are great – because why else would they be celebrated?

Women don’t even have a chance of resisting this, and so for a woman, whoever is celebrated on television as the best and most powerful is who she desires to have sex with.

Molding Popular Behavior Patterns

This manipulation goes beyond simply the advancement of colored people.

The music industry, as well as the rest of the entertainment industry, is through this process of exploiting a psychic loophole able to program behavior patterns with ease.

Here are a few examples.

Male Faggotry

Redefining male sexuality as a variant form of female sexuality has been a key feature of the Jewish music industry for decades.

Traditionally, male sex appeal was based on power. This was largely to do with social status. There is a physical element, of course; however, it is a physical manifestation of testosterone, which is biological power. So men with cut jawlines, prominent noses, large stature and muscles were considered physically attractive.

This was in opposition to female sexual attractiveness, which is based on symmetrical beauty.

What the Jewish pop music industry has done is replace the traditional image of male sexual attractiveness with a female-style form of sexual attractiveness. And thus we have men who are not in good shape or masculine or aggressive in any way, but are “pretty” being promoted as ideal men.

The image of the rugged tough guy has been replaced with the prancing faggot.

Justin Beiber is one of the more extreme examples of this.

Perhaps even worse is the British fag-group One Direction. Seriously, if you haven’t seen this, just click it. Truly incredible that this is what they are telling teenage girls to get hot about.

What this does is not only brainwash women into chasing after weak, effimeniate men, but also subconsciously tells men that in order to get women they must take on this image. They see the girls screaming over these faggots and say “well, I’d guess I’d better become a complete and total faggot if I want to ever get laid.”

We don't even see pseudo-masculine figures in pop music any more.
We don’t even see pseudo-masculine figures in pop music any more.

Just as a point of reference, a few decades ago, this was considered the epitome of male sex appeal:


Of course, the new Bond films now once again have a masculine figure in the lead, but they are marketed and enjoyed almost exclusively by male audiences, and you certainly don’t see women going crazy over Daniel Craig in the way they did over Connery in the sixties.

Promoting Whorishness

Women are naturally sexually promiscuous, but this biological drive to have sex with anyone who can provide them with resources was held back by social shaming. A complex system of inflicting shame on “sluts” kept women from using sex to manipulate all men in a 200 mile radius for their own purposes.

Appearances are incredibly important to women. How she is perceived by others is the whole of her being. That is why the main thrust of pop music has been to remove the social negativity associated with sluttiness. This then releases women to do whatever they wish, to use their bodies to control and destroy for the purpose of fuelling their own egos.

A hero for your kids!
A hero for your daughters!
A popular Jewish technique is to present a female pop figure as wholesome at first, then transform her into a whore.
A popular Jewish technique is to present a female pop figure as wholesome at first, then transform her into a whore.

Whereas a portion of young men say “screw Bieber, I’m keeping my balls,” women are literally physically incapable of escaping these influences. Female cultural figures are a brain virus with a 100% mortality rate.

Justifying Fatness

Just to show this goes deeper and weirder than you’d expect, I’ll point out one more case of pop music being used for purposes of bizarre social-engineering.

A recent award-winning album by Meghan Trainor was used to justify fatness to young women and society as a whole.

The hit single from the album “Title” was called “All About That Bass” and promoted the idea that “big is beautiful.”

Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two
But I can shake it, shake it, like I’m supposed to do
‘Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase
And all the right junk in all the right places

I see the magazine workin’ that Photoshop
We know that shit ain’t real, come on now, make it stop
If you got beauty, beauty, just raise ’em up
‘Cause every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top

In a Perfect World

Traditionally, culture has been used as a means to reinforce positive values. That was the idea behind ancient mythology, and then Christian mythology.

This guy looks like he would show up at a New Direction concert and start smashing heads and carrying off teenage girls two at a time
A real role model: This guy looks like he would show up at a New Direction concert and start smashing heads and carrying off teenage girls two at a time

After WWII, and the total Jew takeover of everything, we have been inflicted with the concept of “moral relativity,” which, taken to its logical conclusion, actually means that morality doesn’t exist because it cannot be measured.

So anything goes.

In a perfect world, you could easily take the present media apparatus and use it for good, rather than evil. Pop music isn’t necessarily evil, it is merely that it is being used that way by Jews.

As long as the Jews remain in control of all of our system, we will continue the nose-dive down the slippery slope.