Poor Countries Getting Shorted on Promised Weather Hoax Aid Money

There’s been a long-running plan to get the third world on board with the global agenda by bribing them with cash payments.

This has all sorts of strings attached, with the “rich countries” (white people) attempting to manipulate the cultures of “poor countries” (nonwhite people). It’s not just related to global warming, but also weird social agendas involving women and gays. Of course, these people will say things like “anal rimjobs help to cool down the weather.”

It is also designed to increase wealth in the third world while decreasing wealth in the first world.

It turns out, the nonwhites have been getting shorted.

The Guardian:

Poorer countries are to be offered billions of dollars more in funding to cope with the impacts of climate breakdown in an effort to break the impasse between developed and developing countries at the UN Cop26 climate summit.

The UK government, as Cop26 host, will unveil the proposals on Monday along with ministers from Germany and Canada, who have been charged with drawing up a plan for climate finance, needed to gain the backing of scores of developing countries for any deal at the talks, which open in Glasgow next Sunday.

However, the Cop26 climate finance plan is likely to be overshadowed by a row within the UK government over overseas aid, as the chancellor of the exchequer, Rishi Sunak, prepares fresh cuts to the UK’s aid budget in the comprehensive spending review on Wednesday, against the wishes of Cop26 supporters in the cabinet.

Poor countries have been promised since 2009 that by 2020 they would receive at least $100bn a year from public and private sector sources in richer countries to help them cut greenhouse gases and cope with the impacts of extreme weather.

But that promise has not been fulfilled and a report from the OECD last month found that in 2019, the latest year for which data is available, only about $80bn was provided.

Alok Sharma, the UK cabinet minister who will act as Cop26 president, said: “Developed countries must deliver on the $100bn a year promised to developing nations. This is a totemic figure, a matter of trust, and trust is a hard-won and fragile commodity in climate negotiations.”

Extra funding has been announced by the US, Germany, Canada, Japan and other countries, but more is needed.

The plan being unveiled on Monday will propose meeting the $100bn by taking an average of the finance provided from 2020 to 2025, instead of single years. More of the money is expected to be devoted to adaptation, which helps the poorest countries more, rather than for cutting emissions, which tends to flow to middle-income countries.

Obviously, brown people do not believe in global warming. Like most of the other liberal agendas, the global warming hoax is so stupid that only midwit whites could possibly believe in it. But they’re going to take free cash.

What we’ve seen, however, is that nothing is free and that this “free cash” is leading to all kinds of weird social revolutions in these countries.

However, all around the world, we are now seeing this agenda run out of steam.

All throughout Latin America, for example, we’ve been seeing these ridiculous astroturfed feminist revolutions since the virus hoax started. Basically, they want these cultures all on the same page as the West.

This is a kind of “social reset” of the traditional cultures of brown countries. But they don’t seem to be making any kind of serious headway, as there just aren’t enough people interested in it.

Basically, when the UN says “we need more money for these programs,” they’re talking about increasing astroturfed social unrest.

It’s all very weird stuff. Wacky stuff. But like every aspect of this agenda, in 2021, it appears to be losing its momentum. With the upcoming global economic crisis, it’s possible they could push for political revolutions in these countries, but it’s hard to see that lining up with the social agenda.