Poor Ben Once Again Begs His Ex-Wife to Love Him (Please Never Do This)


New York Post:

Ben Affleck blew off steam during a recent encounter with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

The “Last Duel” star, 49, was photographed venting to the “13 Going on 30” star, also 49, on Thursday on a sidewalk in Los Angeles in what appeared to be a very animated conversation.

In a paparazzi video, Affleck was seen flailing his arms around with expressive reactions on his face. At one point, he was even seen staring at Garner with a wide-eyed gaze.

She doesn’t care about how sad you are.

She doesn’t care how much you love her and how much you just want to go back to normal and be happy together.

There is no way to get her back once she’s gone, and every time you try, she just hates you that much more, and will think of new ways to hurt you even worse.

Women are sadistic and evil. The only thing they are capable of thinking about is themselves and their own stupid, hedonistic, materialistic desires. They do not have the physical ability to feel your pain. No matter what you do, you can never, ever force her to feel your pain. She will always just hate you more and more.

You always have to be ready to get up, walk out the door, and not look over your shoulder. If you have kids, you need to have a plan to get out of the country so you don’t have to pay that bitch all your money. Buy Bitcoin and just drive into Mexico.

Ben needs a 10/10 teenage girl to go around town with. That is the only way to get back at his wife. That will make her text him, and he should then not respond, ever.

I know it’s hard to believe that women do not have souls because they are very good at pretending to have souls. But they do not have souls, and they cannot care about you. They can never love you. They do not have souls, and are only made of useless extra ribs that were laying around.

Ribs might be beautiful. They might be tasty. But they don’t care about you. They will never love you.

Give up.

Understand that you are the only person who can make yourself happy, and you can only do that through JESUS CHRIST.

Everything else is an illusion, and is folly, and expecting a woman to love you is a form of idol worship.

This is why we had marriage as a contract – so you could keep that bitch locked down.

If you do not have the physical ability to lock her down, she will destroy you, as a matter of course.

They will take everything from you, and they will laugh. They will take joy at the fact that you loved them and they used that love to crush your soul.

If I can give you one piece of advice, I will tell you to internalize the words of the great Chinese poet Investigation Caninae Canine: “we don’t love these hoes.”