Pompeo the Hutt Tells Ben Shapiro Putin Probably Poisoned Navalny

Mike Pompeo pictured with Ben Shapiro

Right on cue!

The fattest guy who thinks you’re all a bunch of retards!

Fox News:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday there is a “substantial chance” that top Russian officials were behind the poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

“There is a substantial chance that this actually came from senior Russian officials, I think this is not good for the Russian people,” Pompeo told podcaster Ben Shapiro.

The secretary said he thinks the poisoning “will prove costly” to Russians.

“Countries that want to be powers, that want to be important and play on the global stage, this is not the way that they should engage in activity. They ought to instead promote freedom and democracy. I think this – these kind of things put real black marks on countries,” Pompeo said. “And I think that’s different than 10 or 15 or 20 years ago. I think the world has matured and come to an understanding that this is not how normal countries operate, and this will prove costly for the Russians.”

The White House had previously condemned the poisoning as “completely reprehensible,” but not laid blame at high-level Kremlin officials.

Of course it will prove costly!

So why would they do it???

To help you, Mike???

I’ve explained in previous articles why the idea that Putin would do this is so retarded that anyone telling you it’s likely is trying to hurt you on purpose.

But here, let me just post the meme:

Obviously, Putin in no way benefits from this poisoning.

NATO does.

Mike Pompeo does.

All of the enemies of Russia benefit.

Why would Putin do it then?

Is he a spy, working for the West?

Is that the suggestion?

Or do they legitimately think you’re too stupid to ask who benefits?

Are you that stupid?

If you’re not that stupid, then you should really be offended that Ben Shapiro and Mike Pompeo think you’re that stupid.

I sure hope that if Trump makes it through this election, he gets rid of this guy. All he wants to do is hurt Trump’s agenda. He’s going behind his back with this Jew Shapiro and promoting this dumb hoax after Trump made a point not to endorse it.

There is no reason this Hutt should be in the Trump government. It’s not fair to Trump and more importantly, it’s not fair to all of us.

Trump should make Rand Paul Secretary of State.

He pussied out on opposing the Pompeo nomination, eventually. But he’s been consistently opposed to the Pompeo agenda, and he’s someone that can get confirmed by the Senate.