Pompeo the Hutt Praises Biden’s Jew, Continues Pro-War Activism

I actually watched Laura Ingraham last night. It was a pretty good show, for the first half hour. She ranted about how this is no longer “the party of George Bush,” and had Ryan Gurdinski on to talk about the supposed “conservative but against Trumpism” Lincoln Project’s leader being a homosexual predator, who used the organization to organize sodomizing young boys.

Laura was actually talking about how we’re against war now. The she said “the perils of China,” as she regrettably invited on Mike Pompeo, the war maniac. Pompeo praised Joe Biden’s new Jew Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, for his anti-China statements. This was a reference to an interview that the Jew Blinken had with the CNN Jew Andrea Mitchell, where he presented himself as a war-mongering hippie.

Pompeo said he was excited about the prospects of more aggression against China. Then he said China was behind the coup in Burma, and said that China is going to abuse Asian people – and that it’s America’s job to defend them.

Pompeo also made the false claim that China is “inflicting real harm on American citizens.” Remember, this guy worked for Donald Trump, and he at least implied that he thought the election is a hoax. But still, he is out there talking about the Chinese threat, and in fact praising Biden’s Jew.

It’s shocking that this Hutt is still making the rounds on these shows, still blasting out this same stupid tune, and that the Republicans, who are openly saying they’re against war, are continuing to endorse him.

Where does this go, if not towards war?

Why are we not attempting to simply negotiate and deal with China? That’s what Trump wanted to do, then Jared Kushner brought in all of these lunatics like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, who transformed “renegotiate trade with China and bring back America’s jobs” into “war with the Chinese.”

Bolton and Pompeo supported pulling jobs out of China – and they moved them to Vietnam! The anti-American companies that shipped these jobs out in the first place were happy to move to Vietnam anyway, as China doesn’t have much cheap labor anymore anyway – because while our leaders were destroying the middle class, China was building theirs up!

And Pompeo wants to tell us about how important it is that we go to war with China to free the Chinese from oppression by inflicting “American freedom” on them?

The conservative media and Mike Pompeo have spent years getting the right ready to support a war against the Chinese, and Biden and his Jews are drawing up the plans. All of these TV people, including Ingraham, are going to go out there and say “oh yes, Biden is bad but this war thing he’s doing is great because they hacked your computer for some reason and besides we have to save freedom in Taiwan for some reason.”

Laura introduced Mike Pompeo as a “Fellow of the Hudson Institute.” That’s the job he got when he left office, turning his job over to Anthony Blinken. It sure is a good thing that the goyim don’t know what that is, or they might figure out some strange connections here.

For instance, the very same Hudson Institute interviewed the very same Anthony Blinken last July about the – wait for it – threat of a rising China.

As you might have guessed, the Hudson Institute is a neoconservative think tank, which plans wars for the US government. It was founded in 1961, by three Jews: Herman Kahn, Max Singer and Oscar Ruebhausen, for the stated goal of involving America in wars that Jews want.

It is currently run by Scooter Libby, infamous Jew Iraq war planner and advisor to Dick Cheney. Funnily, Dick Cheney’s daughter is being set up to run the GOP – and somehow, Laura Ingraham had earlier in the show condemned this move.

Among the Jews of the organization, and the degenerate and satanic Jew-lovers like Pompeo is Elaine Chow, Mitch McConnell’s wife, who is a Republic of China (Taiwanese) spy. Laura had also been condemning McConnell for supporting Liz Cheney!

The neocons have also made this weird alliance with a bunch of Indians, which also needs to be discussed further. Indians have a class of people in their society that is intelligent, and they’ve sent them over to the US to work with the neocon Jews to plan a war on China. Joe Biden, of course, has not only made an undying commitment to the Republic of China, but also to India. This plan was noted and approved of by one of Hudson’s Indians in a recent article in The Quint.

It is schizophrenic to say “we’re against war and Liz Cheney and all of these sellouts” and then say “and now here’s someone from the Hudson Institute to talk about how tiny-eyed Chinamen want to steal your anal freedoms and something about Burma or whatever.”

I predicted that Mike Pompeo would end up working for the Biden Administration, and it seems that I was correct. He is working at one of the key neocon think tanks that is planning the China war for Biden’s Jews. Pompeo is going to be drawing up papers for Blinken while going on Fox News to tell the stupid goyim why they should support Biden’s war.

Remember: whatever you think about the Chinese (and I’m not myself a fan), the Jewish agenda is about creating a one-world government, and China and Russia are the last relevant holdouts to this agenda. The fact that Mike Pompeo is working now de facto for the Biden Administration should be a wakeup call for anyone still dazzled by this “Chinese threat” gibberish.