Texas Gubernatorial Race: Polls Show Matthew McConaughey Leading Governor Cripple

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I’ll tell you what: it doesn’t take much to beat a guy in a wheelchair. They say they have strong arms – but you can still just push them over and start kicking them in the face.

The world wants to see Matthew McConaughey kicking this tranny-loving, Jew-loving traitor in his crippled face.

The Independent:

A new poll shows Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey commanding more support to be the next governor of Texas than incumbent Greg Abbott.

The survey, conducted by The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler, shows 45 per cent of registered voters in the state would vote for Mr McConaughey.

Only 33 per cent would vote for Governor Abbott, and 22 per cent would vote for someone else.

Mr McConaughey has long-teased a run for the governor role of his home state. Though buoyed by name recognition, his double-digit poll lead over the incumbent Republican is one of the first signs that he could be a serious contender.

When broken down by party, results of the poll show a divide in enthusiasm for the star of The Dallas Buyers Club and A Time to Kill.

Only 30 per cent of Republicans chose Mr McConaughey, while 56 per cent opted for Governor Abbott.

Two-thirds of Democrats favoured him over the current governor, with only 8 per cent choosing Mr Abbott. Independents split 44 per cent to 28 per cent for the actor.

Mr McConaughey has criticised both parties in the past and would likely run as a moderate, making him an awkward fit for either party.

I doubt that most Republicans know how Christian he’s been lately. They’re probably thinking “just some Hollywood guy.” That is easily rectified, and would mean a landslide win.

I can’t imagine his policies could possibly be more liberal than those of Greg “Shut It Down” Abbott.

McConaughey might not be perfect. He was in a few bad films.

But at least he’s a Christian and loves America, which is a whole helluva lot more than I can say about Governor Cripple the Jew-worshiper.

I mean, when I saw Governor Cripple come out and denounce Gab while standing – sorry, sitting – in front of an Israeli flag, that was really one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen.

“We denounce Americans who would question a foreign country” is just such an unbelievable thing for an American to say, in any context. An elected official saying that is always treason.

So even though I have no love for The Wedding Planner or any of these other horrible “romantic comedies” McConaughey was in, as a Christian and as an American, and with a man with functional legs, he’s got my endorsement.

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