Poll: What is President Trump’s Greatest MAGA Achievement So Far?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2019

US President Donald Trump just released an ad stating the clear and obvious fact that he has done more in his first two years than any other president in all of American history, ever.

With all of his incredible accomplishments, it is difficult to know which was the greatest. There has been so much winning, I am tired of winning – but we just keep on winning and winning and winning.

I never could have even began to imagine that this much winning would transpire in such a rapid fashion.

And all of this begs the question: of all of these amazing achievements, which was the greatest?

I know it is impossible to choose just one, since all were so mind-blowing. But I ask you, if you have to choose one, which do you think is the greatest?

What is President Trump’s Greatest Achievement so far?

Releasing thousands of black crack dealers onto the streets
Lowest black unemployment ever
Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem
Repeatedly bombing Syria
Continuing to wage a brave war against Afghanistan to bring them democracy
Giving over the Syrian Golan Heights to the Jews
Cutting all humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees forced out of their homes by the Jews
Allegedly building factories (unconfirmed) which will be staffed by the most immigrants ever in history
Declaring the Iranian military a terrorist organization
Drastically escalating tensions with Russia using sanctions and threats
Sending weapons to the revolutionary government of the Ukraine
Sending billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia
Cutting taxes for corporations and billionaires
Passing a comprehensive resolution against anti-Semitism
Ending the cruel policy of child separation at the border
Harassing the Chinese by kidnapping their businesspeople
Banning bump stocks
Sending $38 billion to Israel
Ending the Iran deal
Prosecuting Julian Assange
Attempting to launch a war against Venezuela to bring them democracy and human rights
Pushing to legalize homosexuality in every country in the world
Spending billions to empower feminists in Africa
Posting a Game of Thrones meme on Twitter
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Remember: this is just the beginning!

We’ve got so much more WINNING to come!

President Trump wasn’t joking when he said we’d get tired of winning!

I am absolutely exhausted!

Remember to vote for Trump in 2020 as we’re going to make America great again once more!

We have to stop SOCIALISM!