Poll: The Unvaxxed Remain Unfazed by Claptrap About “Deadly Variants”

This variant won’t turn deadly until Maximum Overdrive takes place once and for all.

Yahoo! News keeps doing these polls that none of the big outlets would dare to print.

It’s not clear that this is good for the virus agenda at all.

The way they shill the virus hoax actually comes across as satire.

Yahoo! News:

As the hypercontagious Delta variant rips through undervaccinated parts of the U.S. and shatters hospitalization records in hot spots such as Florida and Louisiana, more unvaccinated Americans continue to say that the COVID-19 vaccines pose a greater risk to their health than the virus, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

In fact, that number has actually grown since Delta exploded onto the scene — a worrisome sign that even surging infection and illness may not be enough to lift America’s middling vaccination rate to a level that could stop future variants from doing the kind of damage that Delta is doing today.

A survey of 1,552 U.S. adults, conducted from July 30 to Aug. 2, found that a full 40 percent of those who remain unvaccinated now believe that the COVID-19 vaccines, which rank among the safest ever produced, represent a bigger threat to their personal well-being than COVID-19 itself — even though more than 52,000 Americans are currently hospitalized because of the virus, nearly all of them unvaccinated, and more than 615,000 have already died from it.

In mid-July, before Delta took off, this number was smaller (37 percent) — meaning that the variant’s subsequent spread has done nothing to persuade most holdouts that the near-zero risks of vaccination are lower than the abundantly documented risks of infection.

Meanwhile, another 31 percent of unvaccinated adults say they still aren’t sure whether the virus or the vaccines pose a greater risk to their health. Just 29 percent say the virus is more dangerous.

If vaccine uptake is stalling again, the Yahoo News/YouGov poll could help explain why: Delta may have changed a few minds here and there among the unvaccinated — but not all that many.

Exactly half of unvaccinated Americans still say they will “never” get vaccinated, for instance — statistically indistinguishable from the share who said the same in mid-July (51 percent) and in May (48 percent). Most remaining unvaccinated adults insist that they are still waiting to see how the vaccines affect others (21 percent) or that they simply aren’t sure what to do (21 percent) — again, essentially identical to the pre-Delta percentages from May.

When asked last month — before Delta skyrocketed — how the “spread of the more contagious Delta variant” might affect their “likelihood of getting vaccinated,” just 15 percent said it would make them “more likely.” That number is exactly the same today, even though Delta’s spread has escalated dramatically in recent weeks.

“Safest ever produced,” “near-zero risks” – surely, someone is having a laugh at this British tabloid language?

Regardless, the point here is: as we suspected, the Delta variant hoax, and any subsequent variant hoaxes, are being produced for and consumed by the totalitarian state-worship cult itself, in order to rile them up to attack the unvaxxed.

This polling data seems believable. Most people who are unvaxxed are not going to spill all of their beans to some Indian nuisance harassing them at home. No one believes these polls are actually anonymous. The only people who would admit to being unvaxxed and also not ever wanting a vaxx and not believing that the virus is any threat are those who are actually looking for a showdown with the virus police.

Things are actually looking pretty good, in terms of the level of resistance. The people who have not folded are not going to just because Joe Biden and his people are threatening them – that will only steel their resolve, as this polling data indicates.