Poll Shows Pornography is Wrecking Adolescence for Teenagers

Daily Stormer
August 21, 2014

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Although it is dreadful the way pornography has invaded everyday family life through the internet, warping many young people’s views of sex, it is very reassuring to hear that most of them are aware of what it is doing to them.

80% of young people questioned in this poll think it is too easy to access and the majority knew that it was making life harder for them.

This is a far cry from what the Jews and the Liberals are saying, about how pornography ‘frees’ people and that we need more of it and a lower age of consent.

Daily Mail:

Easy access to online pornography is wrecking adolescence for many young people, a new survey of teenagers warns today.

The Opinium survey of 18-year-olds paints a bleak picture of teenage life where young girls and boys feel under intense pressure to conform to pornographic norms.

An astonishing 80 per cent said it was too easy to stumble across explicit images and videos on the internet.

Almost half (46 per cent) said the phenomenon of ‘sexting’, where people send explicit pictures of themselves to others, was ‘part of everyday life for teenagers nowadays’.

And a majority said pornography was making life harder for adolescents. Two-thirds of girls and almost half of boys said it would be ‘easier growing up if pornography was less easy to access for young people’.

Seventy per cent said watching porn was seen as normal among their classmates at school. One in 10 said it had become common among their peers by the age of 11.

More than half (55 per cent) said they had stumbled across images that made them ‘worried or uncomfortable’ while surfing the internet. Just one in 10 told their parents about the episodes.

The survey, commissioned by the centre-left Institute for Public Policy Research think tank, found that two-thirds of those surveys believe porn is addictive.

The findings add weight to the Daily Mail’s campaign to block online porn.

Dalia Ben-Galim, associate director at the IPPR, said: ‘This new polling data shows that pornographic images are pervasive in teenagers’ lives and that young women in particular are acutely conscious of how damaging they can be.

‘It paints a worrying picture about the way online pornography is shaping the attitudes and behaviour of young people. It is also clear that young people believe the sex education they currently get in school hasn’t kept pace with the realities of their digital and social media lifestyles.’

The only solution is for the government to ban it. Otherwise, people cannot resist watching it. Libertarianism is a Jewism for retards and sex perverts. We need Fascism.