Poll Shows Majority of Americans No Longer Trust the Military

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The fact that people are willing to look at what the US government is doing and then say “you know, the real threat is those people on the other side of the planet who I only know exist because I heard about them on TV” is on par with people being willing to believe the massive rise in heart attacks is caused by global warming.


Trust in the US military has dropped so far that most Americans don’t have strong confidence in their armed forces, and the trend has accelerated since Joe Biden took office as commander-in-chief, the results of a new poll show.

The latest national defense survey by the Ronald Reagan Institute, released late last week, showed that just 45% of Americans have a “great deal” of trust and confidence in their military. The finding marked the first time that fewer than half of respondents to the survey have expressed strong trust in the troops.

Public confidence has tumbled 25 percentage points, from 70%, in the past three years. The rating has plunged 11 points in just the past nine months, under Biden, and the figures for other institutions are even lower. Only 19% of Americans polled had strong trust in the presidency as of November – down from 30% in February, the Reagan Institute survey showed. The same rating for law enforcement has dropped to 33% from 50% in the past three years, while media outlets have retained the confidence of just 10%, down from 16% in 2018.

Among those survey respondents who expressed little or no confidence in the US military, the most common reason cited was “political leadership,” the institute said. Those who expressed strong confidence were most influenced by their high regard for rank-and-file servicemembers.

Just 42% of Americans have a great deal of confidence in the military’s ability to win an overseas war, the survey found. Similarly, 40% strongly trust that the military will act in a “professional and nonpolitical manner.” Asked which country has the best military, 69% chose the US, while 17% picked China. Nearly one-third (32%) said the US uses the military in too many situations where diplomacy would be better.

China was overwhelmingly identified as the greatest foreign threat to the US, at 52%, up from just 21% three years ago. More than seven in 10 Americans (72%) polled said they believe that the Covid-19 virus leaked from a Chinese lab and that Beijing lied to cover it up. Fears over Russia have declined sharply, with 14% of those surveyed seeing it as the greatest threat, down from 30% in 2018.


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