Poll Says a Majority of Republicans Love Gay Anal (With Men)

These men love each other. When I say love, I mean they “ejaculate into each other’s feces.” That’s what love is.

According to a poll from last month, which hopefully isn’t totally accurate, a majority of Republican voters now support gay “anal marriage.”

The majority is slim (unlike their anuses), but it is a majority.

Even if the poll is wrong by half, it still shows that America has turned to Satan, and deserves to be punished with suffering, mass death and nuclear fire.

While many in the world, including the Russians and the Chinese, have said, “please no more – enough with the butt stuff!”, America has continued to march its Anal Army across the face of the earth, converting many children to homosexualism.

Remember that God destroyed Sodom with fire for doing so much anal. I’m sure they were pounding little boys’ anuses, but in those times they didn’t have the ability to inject little boys with tranny hormones.

At least some Americans are still saying they’re against all of this anal ramming. But of these supposed 33% who say no to anal, how many are in the cities? How many are in the big cities, and how many are in small cities like Zoar?

Do you know that the rainbow symbol that these faggots use is a symbol that God sent to tell people that he will never again flood the whole earth with water?

Faggots use the rainbow to dare God to destroy them.

But there is no promise that God will not cleanse these cities with fire, just as he cleansed the city of Sodom.

Have you heard anything about a potentially fiery cleansing lately?

If you are surrounded by faggots and faggot-lovers, it’s time to leave them, and go off to wherever the 33% that doesn’t want full-anal, double-anal and the rest of it lives.

God will not stand for this faggotry much longer.

Whatever people want to say about Russians or Chinese, they’re not doing this nonstop anal ramming, they’re not flying anal flags, they’re not going around the world trying to force people to do anal. They don’t have child trannies.

They do have nuclear weapons, however.