Poll: Only 53% of Democrats Think Pelosi Should Stay on as Speaker

Nancy Pelosi is such a weird figure.

She has zero talent, she is the opposite of charismatic, she is only ruling because she maintains a strong drive to push the agenda – whatever the agenda might be on any given day.


Though Democrats’ House majority was nearly wiped out in last month’s election, the party appears poised to retain Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for a fourth, two-year stint as speaker next month.

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows most Democrats think she should keep the gavel, but a majority of voters oppose Pelosi staying on as speaker. Only 31 percent of all voters think Pelosi should be elected as speaker when the new Congress begins, while 56 percent think she should not.

But self-identified Democrats say the first woman House speaker should stay on by a 20-point margin, 53 percent to 33 percent.

The election of the speaker is one of the first tasks for the House when it reconvenes on Jan. 3, but the shrunken Democratic majority — Republicans’ net gain in November currently stands at 10 seats and could swell to a dozen, depending on the disposition of two still-uncalled races — has threatened Pelosi’s position.

When Democrats assumed control of the House two years ago, 15 Democratic members defected from Pelosi, choosing another individual or voting “present” during the speakership vote. Of those, 10 are returning members of the Democratic caucus, and Pelosi will only be able to lose a handful of votes to clinch the speakership this time, depending on how many members show up.

Still, no other Democratic member has stepped up to challenge Pelosi, and her team remains confident she will win a majority of the vote.

In the poll, the vast majority of Republicans are opposed to Pelosi staying as speaker, 83 percent. Independents also lean strongly against her: Just 22 percent say she should remain speaker, while 59 percent say she should not.

The numbers track closely with her overall image rating. Fewer than four-in-10 voters, 37 percent, have a favorable opinion of Pelosi, while 52 percent view her unfavorably. Among independent voters, 27 percent view Pelosi favorably, and 58 percent have an unfavorable opinion of her.

The only reason that a majority of Democrats support her is that they don’t have anyone else in mind to replace her. If someone challenged here, she would lose.

In the event that they beat Donald Trump through this fraud, the Democrats actually have very little going for them. They not only don’t have any popular figures, they don’t have any agenda. They have based their entire agenda around being the opposition to Donald Trump, and that energy will quickly dissipate if Trump were to be pushed out of the picture. At which point, they will be residing over a totally collapsed economy, attempting to explain what exactly it is they have in mind for the future.