Poll: New Zealanders Fine with Government Declaration That Nothing is Ever Going Back to Normal

The “Stockholm Syndrome” meme might have been overused when discussing the public response to the coronavirus hoax.

However, one thing is clear: it hasn’t been used enough.

The Guardian:

As countries look for a post-pandemic pathway back to “normal”, New Zealand is making no promises – and its population seems startlingly happy with that.

Around the world, some governments are hitting full throttle with rhetoric about a “return to normal” and the freedoms of a pre-pandemic world. New Zealand’s approach has been cautious by contrast. The government has made no assurances of a return to normal anytime soon, announced no multi-step “pathway out”, and put forward no timeline for re-opening borders even to vaccinated travellers.

For the population, that messaging seems to have sunk in: the vast majority of New Zealanders – 91% – do not expect life to return to normal, even once they are vaccinated.

In recent speeches and media interviews, prime minister Jacinda Ardern has likened the Covid-19 pandemic to the 9/11 terror attacks in the US – in the sense that even after the immediate damage was cleared, the experience continued to transform the way countries approached security, travel and immigration. “After 9/11 our borders changed forever, and our borders are likely to change quite permanently as a result of Covid-19,” Ardern said.

This week, the deputy prime minister, Grant Robertson, told a business audience: “I appreciate we all want certainty – precise dates and times for things being normal again.”

Yes, this is definitely a lot like 911.


Frankly, there aren’t really very many differences between white countries, save the the East-West distinction (which is shrinking). If Kiwis will tolerate the government just outright saying “nothing will be normal again because of the deadly virus,” most other white Western nations will be ready to accept that as well – now or soon enough.

The entire purpose of the coronavirus hoax was to put people through a process of psychological conditioning, ending with them being incapable of processing the obvious realities of their situation. It’s the same thing that cults do to members.

Americans who think this is over are in for a rude awakening. New Zealand and Ireland are the two models for the next phase of this hoax, as they are both total puppet states of the New World Order system – small countries which surrendered completely to globalist rule.

None of this was ever meant to be temporary, and a government will never give you back freedoms that you willingly sacrificed.

I said all this would happen. I said that there would be no finality after the vaccine. How did I know this? How was it possible for me to predict such a thing? It is because this is all just a script, and you can follow along with it once you understand the end goals. The end goal is a global totalitarian government, where no one has any freedoms, and their entire lives are monitored and regulated by an all-encompassing high-tech surveillance and behavior modification grid.

I wish this would have happened differently, but the only thing you can do now is just get the hell out of the city and wait for what happens next.