Poll: Many Americans Prefer Hamas to Israel

A Harvard-Harris poll done on May 20, towards the end of the recent Jewish massacre in Gaza, found that many young people in America view Hamas, rather than Israel, as having the moral imperative in the conflict.

The poll framed it as “Israel vs. Hamas” instead of the much more accurate “Israel vs. Palestine.” You gotta think, Palestine would have gotten at least ten points higher than “Hamas” in every age group but boomers (who don’t know the difference).

Jews were able to transform Christianity into the abomination known as Judeo-Christianity and get 90+% of whites to support their murder state. The cost was that they destroyed Christianity completely, and young people were not interested in carrying on the newly devised fake traditions of Judeo-Christianity.

Young people are mostly leftist atheists. When they look at the Levant, all they see is rich Jews slaughtering poor brown people to steal their land.