POLL: Majority of Europeans Think EU is Likely to Collapse Within 10-20 Years

Daily Stormer
May 16, 2019

Actual ad from the Jewropean Union

How can anyone believe that an institution whose main purpose is to flood Europe with as many non-Europeans as possible, and has a secondary goal of getting little boys to cut their dicks off and pretend they’re girls, has anything “European” about it?

Oh, right – it has European in the name.

The Guardian:

More than half of Europeans believe the EU is likely to collapse within a generation, despite support for the bloc hitting heights not recorded in more than a quarter of a century.

In France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Greece, the Czech Republic and Poland, a majority of people surveyed thought EU disintegration was a “realistic possibility” in the next 10 to 20 years.

Now… I don’t trust polls.

Not even when they say what I wanna hear.

I don’t trust the people who do them, primarily, neither their honesty nor their competence.

So when reading something like this, my first assumption is that they’re trying to manipulate people somehow.

And what other manipulation could there be here other than “Most people say the EU is good, and most people think it’s in danger, so join the herd you stupid goyim!”

It’s the only thing that makes sense, assuming they didn’t accidentally tell the truth, which does occasionally happen.

That being said, I do believe there is a very large portion of Europeans who think the EU is near the end, and for good reason.

All the good things the EU supposedly enabled – basically economic prosperity and easy tourism – are going to shit, the latter because traveling from London to Athens isn’t very appealing when they’re both turning into Third World slums.

The figures are particularly stark in France, where President Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche party is trailing behind Marine Le Pen’s Brussels-bashing Rassemblement National (RN) in the polls for next week’s European elections.

According to the survey, commissioned by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) thinktank, 58% of people in France believe the EU is very likely or fairly likely to fall apart within 20 years, second only to Slovakia (66%).

That’s because Macron is gassing the wrong people – his own.

Gassing only makes you a good leader if you do it to Jews.

Of the 14 countries polled by YouGov – constituting more than 70% of the seats of the European parliament – it was only in Sweden (44%), Denmark (41%) and Spain (40%) that the proportion predicting implosion dipped below a majority.


I’m not surprised at Sweden, since them not understanding reality very well is something I’ve come to expect…

But Denmark and Spain?

That hurts…

I’m actually very surprised that eastern European countries are so high in that poll.

This might come as a shock to most people, but the average Polak, Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak, Bulgarian, etc. is not only pro-EU, but actually thinks the EU is genuinely competent.

The normies here in eastern Europe actually look at someone like Juncker and go, “Yeah, this guy who’s drunk all the time and says he talks to aliens is totally good at whatever it is he’s doing.”

This is in part because there are virtually no anti-EU media or political parties in eastern Europe that I know of. Basically, the most “radical” people here all want to “reform” this diseased institution, or claim they’re not being treated fairly by specific individuals.

Nearly seven decades after the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, bringing together France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in a pact designed to stave off further war, three in 10 people polled said conflict among countries within the EU was a realistic possibility.

As many as a third of voters in France and Poland said they believed a war could be possible.

That sentiment was notably strong among people planning to abstain or vote for extremists next week. Nearly half (46%) of supporters of RN and 41% of supporters of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in Germany held this view.

Fun fact: the real reasons there haven’t been any more wars in Europe are nukes, on the one hand, and all of Europe becoming de facto slave states to either the American or Soviet empires.

The EU has nothing to do with it, and is in fact planting the seeds of conflict by flooding Europe with all these subvermin from everywhere in the world.

The fact that the people who either won’t vote or plan to vote for “extremists” are more likely to understand this just proves there are fewer morons among them than in the general population.

Europeans are also concerned about faltering prosperity. The survey found that just a third of Germans and a quarter of Italians and French typically had money left over at month’s end for discretionary spending.

So all that diversity isn’t as good for the economy as Professor Shlomo assured us it is?

Look goyim, the auto industry is being stimulated! GDP FTW!

Across Europe, three-quarters of voters think politics is broken at either the national or EU level or both. In France only 15% think the political system works well.

With the latest Eurobarometer statistics showing that two-thirds of Europeans have positive feelings towards the EUthe highest recorded since 1983 – the ECFR’s director, Mark Leonard, said the onus was on pro-European parties to awaken the “silent majority”.

He said: “There are seven days to resolve the paradox at the heart of the European project. Support for EU membership is at the highest level since 1983, and yet a majority of voters fear the EU might collapse. The challenge for pro-Europeans is to use this fear of loss to mobilise their silent majority and ensure that it is not just the anti-system parties who get their say on 26 May.

“Pro-Europeans need to offer voters bold ideas for change that emotionally resonate and make the silent majority feel it is worth turning out at the end of May. It is not yet too late. With a volatile European electorate, there are up to 97 million voters who could still be persuaded to vote for different parties.”

People most likely just want the (relatively) good things from the EU, which is just economic cooperation and ease of travel – because most of them are genuinely so dumb and shallow, they think going on vacation without a visa is more important than their country’s sovereignty, hence why the universal vote has such catastrophic effects – without being flooded with subhumans and their schools teaching their children every act of sexual degeneracy the Jews come up with.

If they did just those two things, all the anti-EU parties would basically just evaporate or stop having any kind of relevance.

But they can’t do that, because this was the intended purpose all along.

This institution was created with these things in mind, and any positive impact it may have had was either to make people let their guard down or just purely accidental.

We need to get rid of the EU, and we can replace it with something reasonable, if needed.

An alliance between all countries in Europe that was a basic non-aggression pact with some mechanism to help countries solve their disputes without war, economic cooperation and free travel across the continent SOLELY FOR EUROPEANS, and without any kind of supranational institutions, would probably be a good thing, and something that most Europeans would support.

But this can’t happen because of what is today called “democracy” – a system that has nothing to do with the original, which was essentially a form of militarism – so you get this thing we’re at now, where a horde of dimwitted cattle that can barely understand reality outside of their immediate surroundings and don’t even try most of the time are lorded over by spineless vermin who are meat puppets of various interest groups, of which the currently most powerful one wants to kill us all because they think some gay sand demon made them “special.”

And we’re not getting out of this by voting.

Voting might cause problems for these scum here and there, and if you live in an EU country that has a party the system hates you should vote for it even if it’s not perfect, but there is only way we’re getting out of this, and that’s gonna require a lot of gas.