Poll: Is the Ferguson Race War Going to Happen?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2014

I started a race war, which started the world looting.
I started a race war, which started the world looting.

As we sit and wait for the announcement that Darren Wilson did nothing wrong, we are on the edge of our seats: will there be a race war?  Is it finally happening?

In all honesty, I hope it does.  Presently, it is mainly only poor and working class Whites, without a voice, who have to deal with the Black problem.  An all out race war would show the middle and upper class Whites what the average man is dealing with, and so there would be change.

From where I’m sitting, the chances that this will be big are about 50-50.  The reason that it isn’t 95-5: the cold.

Black people do not like cold weather, and it is presently very cold in Ferguson and most of the other places they would be likely to riot (Detroit, Chicago).

But it won’t take much to set it off.  If they get some serious energy going, and a soldier or police officer is forced to defend himself with deadly force, it could spiral out of control very, very quickly.  Blacks have a hive mind, and the Jew media is clearly bent on doing all they can to incite them.

What do you guys think?

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