Poll Friday: Paris Massacre Conspiracy Theory

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2015

Are these people paid actors involved in some hoax? Or do Moslems actually want Sharia law in France?

I was mildly shocked to see the sheer numbers of people coming out and claiming that Moslems would never shoot up a news paper and thus the cartoon-killers must have been secret agents.

I don’t exactly understand this mindset where everything is a staged hoax, but from where I am sitting, this aggressive defense of Moslems looks very bizarre.  I view myself as impartial, and when I see three small terrorist attacks in France in a week, then see Moslems set a thousand cars on fire for New Years in France, then see another bigger terrorist attack a week later, attacking a group which did indeed insult their Prophet (something which they historically do constantly), it pretty much makes logical sense that it happened as we saw in the videos.

You add in the repeated calls for terrorist attacks in France and the whole thing just really doesn’t seem very complicated.

Here are some questions:

  • Is the position of the conspiracy theorists that Moslems do not commit crimes or terrorist attacks at all, or just that they never commit big ones?
  • Why do Moslems commit both big and small terrorist attacks in their own countries, but when those same Moslems come to a country which they presumably have more aggression towards than their own country, they stop doing this?
  • Why do the people promoting these hoaxes tend to engage in such open falsification of data, such as claiming that the concrete particles seen after the cop was shot were “smoke from a blank”*?  If this is real, why is there a need to be purposefully dishonest?
  • Why would Jews do this, given that it works directly against everything they are trying to achieve in Europe and gives credence to the positions of nationalists?
  • If Jews did for some reason do this, wouldn’t it be better if we went along with the official story, as it is so beneficial to our cause, whereas claiming Jews did it simply makes us look insane while giving comfort to the Moslems which are invading and conquering Europe?
  • Why did they attack a paper which promotes a Jewish agenda and actually kill a Jew?

*There appears to be some confusion among the theorists as to whether this was an entirely fake event and no one died – hence the need to fake the shooting of a cop – and the theory that people did die but that the masked men were secretly Jews. Obviously, if no one died, you would have to believe that all of these people had been working at the newspaper – some of them for decades – were actors.  Or, I suppose, that they were somehow bought off and paid to fake their own deaths.  The surviving witnesses would also, obviously, have to be in on it, as would the families of the officers who died – or had their deaths faked, according to the theory.

I am just not seeing how this fits into any agenda of Jews.  Unless you would argue that Jews just do crazy things for no reason other than to cause chaos.  Which is sort of true, I suppose, but there are so many other ways they could have come at doing that.  For instance, one would think they would rather make Whitey look bad than these Moslems – if they are willing and capable of staging massive hoaxes, why not blame nationalists, and turn people away from nationalism, rather than towards it?

The dead Jew
The dead Jew

The idea of using this to promote wars in the Middle East doesn’t make any sense either, as the wars are ongoing already.  Along with this, the situation with ISIS taking over Iraq after a decade of Western intervention has completely turned people off the idea of intervention, and so the Jews have moved into the realm of funding proxy armies to fight each other, supported by bombings.  There is no real drive to invade these countries any more, and Jews are not even demanding that.

We understand it is a delicate balance the Jew is trying to promote, where Moslems in the Middle East need to be bombed and Moslems in Western country are gentle lambs who need free everything, but which situation does this attack effect?  It seems to me it is the idea of allowing Moslems in our countries which is being questioned now, with the entire Jew propaganda apparatus going into overdrive pushing the idea that “no, no – they aren’t really like this.”

I could be wrong here – I obviously have no inside information.  Maybe there is just something that I’m not seeing.  But I have looked at all of the available information, and presently see no real justification for these theories, and see it as a clear case of attempting to excuse the behavior of Moslems.

Obviously, whatever the case, the Jews are responsible for the attack, because if it wasn’t for the Jews, these people wouldn’t be in France in the first place.  And that is a sensible and logical angle to come at this, in my opinion, and blame the Jews in a way that makes plain sense – we say “we shouldn’t expect these Moslems to behave in a civilized manner, and instead of blaming them for their natural patterns of behavior, we need to look at who brought them into our countries.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.  Give us yours.

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Final Note:

I realize that me taking a position on this offends some people, and I hope that we can agree to disagree and continue to engage in the fight side-by-side.  If I didn’t think it mattered, I wouldn’t bring it up at all, but in order to preserve my own integrity I must state my position here.  I know there are some who will simply dismiss this, and that’s fine.  But because other websites do nothing to challenge the hoax position, I feel it is a duty to offer a counter, as I do feel it is extremely destructive to the cause.

I will ask that those who believe this is a hoax (as well as those who don’t) try to be civil in the comments section.  I have no problem with your free speech, and you can say your piece, but very often those who believe in hoaxes (and sometimes those who don’t) are condescending, rude and aggressive.  Please try to avoid that.  Trust me, it does not make you seem more rational to insult people who don’t agree with you.  And we should always strive to be mature adults in our discourse.