Poll Friday: Ethics of James O’Keefe Secretly Recording Everyone

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2017

Everyone is happy James O’Keefe secretly recorded these CNN kooks talking about how the Russian story is a hoax, the network is totally biased, Trump is being witch-hunted, etc.

However, there is an ethical question here: should it be legal to secretly film ostensibly private conversations and then publicly post them?

There is no clear left-wing/right-wing divide on this question. Obviously, people from the left are whining about it right now, because it just happened to them. But I don’t know that there are actually any leftist ideological positions at all at this point, let alone one that would apply to something this specific.

You’ve also got Tucker Carlson questioning the ethics of this, which is interesting. He basically just said that it’s common sense that you have to create some kind of laws to keep people from filming everything you do. And that is sort of reasonable – in the not too distant future, we are going to be in a situation where someone could just have a drone follow you around everywhere you go, filming everything you do.

In fact, that could really be done right now, except (unless you’re the military) not with a drone small enough that it would be undetectable to you and would easily be able to follow you into public places such as restaurants and stores and record everything you do and say to anyone you meet.

When you have that sort of technology, the “no privacy in public spaces” rule sort of stops making any sense. In fact, it already doesn’t make any sense using a hidden camera to film a private conversation, honestly. Although I think O’Keefe is a brilliant troll, that sort of seems like something that should definitely be illegal.

At the same time though, it’s pretty much usually going to be leftists doing dirty, dastardly shit, so they are the ones most likely to suffer consequences from this not being illegal.

Planned Parenthood succeeded in getting felony charges pressed against the people who pulled an O’Keefe on them in California. That was when they got filmed selling the bodies of dead infants. I’m not really sure a right-wing person would ever get caught in a secret-recording-of-a-public-conversation scandal.

Hulk Hogan of course got caught saying “nigger” on a sex tape, and he won when he sued over that. But that was recorded in a private place, which is more clearly illegal. Plus, if you recorded everything the leftists do and exposed all of it, their entire system would collapse and no one would any longer be concerned about you saying “nigger” on a sex tape.

Also on the plus side, this increases transparency and so on – at the same time that it violates privacy.

So it’s a tough question.

Privacy questions are always sort of complicated these days, because of the way they tie into questions of government/corporate transparency.

Rep yo set.

Should “O’Keefing” be illegal?


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