Poll: Canadians View the “Alt-Right” as the Biggest Threat to the Nation’s Safety

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2019

It was real in my mind, eh? 

Apparently, if you say enough times that “white right wingers” are the biggest terrorists, people will deny what they see if front of their faces and just go along with it.

That said, you have to wonder how many of the people responding to this poll actually believe it, and how many simply answered this way because they felt it was the socially appropriate response.

Furthermore, there are a shitton of Moslems in Canada answering this poll.

Furthermore, you also have women in the mix, and their singular drive is to fuck brown people and they view white men as attempting to stop them from fucking brown people, which they view as a much larger threat than maybe getting randomly murdered, the threat of which they find sexually exciting.

Furthermore, you have the fact that the most recent major terrorist attack was this time done by a white guy, and people have short memories.

Main Street Research:

Most Canadians (44.3%) think that domestic alt-right groups are the biggest threat to national security, while a majority of Canadians (55.2%) do not think that there is a fair amount of extremism among Canada’s Muslim community.

Those are the findings from Mainstreet Research’s latest UltraPoll, a conglomeration of ten provincial polls. The poll surveyed 8501 Canadians between March 19th and 25th 2019. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 1.06% and is accurate 19 times out of 20.

“We wanted to measure Canadians’ attitudes on these issues in light of the recent terrorist attack in New Zealand,” said Quito Maggi, President and CEO of Mainstreet Research. “We found that 58.3% of decided respondents think that domestic alt-right groups are the biggest threat to national security.”

“This finding, along with the strong belief among Canadians that there is not much extremism among Canadian Muslims, indicates that Canadians are far more worried about the alt-right launching a terrorist attack on home soil.”

Funny they used the term “Alt-Right.”

I haven’t really been hearing that very much lately.

I stopped using the term over a year ago as I felt it just got kind of gay.

People used to associate that term with Pepe and Richard Spencer. I don’t agree with everything Spencer says in general, but he did usually have good optics.

And Pepe was for sure good optics.

The mainstream use of the term was all about “internet savvy white supremacists who put on suits and ties,” and I think that is basically the best you’re going to get as far as media portrayals go.

Now Richard Spencer is no longer in the media and the term is synonymous with fat guys in military costumes. Because people from the Alt-Right decided to link it with that.

I’m insidiously charming.

I don’t need to be linked to some try-hard gay shit with fucking costumes.

Bad optics.

I think the word “nationalist” is best. Or just “right wing.”

It’s not like anyone is occupying the “right wing” title.

And both “nationalist” and “right-wing” are vague enough that they can’t ever be linked to a specific piece of imagery in people’s minds.

People have complained to me that if you use nationalist/right-wing that people will confuse you with civic nationalists or Republicans, to which I have responded “actually, that is exactly where you want to be.”

As long as you are explicit in your messaging, people confusing you with a bigger and more mainstream group is beneficial. Strategically linking a stigmatized ideology with a less stigmatized group necessarily reduces stigma.

You’ve got to be strategic here, kids.