Poll: Biden Below 38%, Kamala Below 28%

It looks like old Joe might need to start doing some extra rituals to Hindu demon gods.

For context, the official claim is that Donald Trump’s average was 41%.


A USA Today and Suffolk University poll of 1,000 registered US voters last week found that just 37.8% of voters approve of “the job Biden has done as president,” with 59% disagreeing that the president has done a good job.

Even fewer Americans approve of Vice President Kamala Harris. Only 27.8% of those polled believe Harris has done a good job, with a sizeable 21% undecided, according to the poll which was released on released on Sunday.

Among independent voters, 44% said Biden has done worse as president than they expected, and a whopping 64% of Americans – including 28% of Democrats – said they do not want Biden to run for president again. The poll shows that Americans are even more opposed to Biden running for president again than they are regarding former President Donald Trump; 58% of voters, including 24% of Republicans, oppose Trump running for another term.

Those polled said they were more likely to vote for a Republican congressional candidate than Democrat if elections were held today (46% to 38%).

I’m just going to repeat what I’ve said continually: the Democrats have total power over the government and over every institution in the country. If you want to talk about numbers, there is a 0% chance that these people will relinquish that power voluntarily.

The fact that public opinion is so horrendous simply means that they’re going to roll harder and deeper.

There is a dark winter coming. Public opinion doesn’t mean anything to these people or they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing.